🎨 The Art Of Attention

🤫 The Secret To A 9-Figure Personal Brand

A personal brand is a secret weapon that very few people know how to handle.

It can be the best asset ever if used correctly.

Hey guys, Hayden here. In the past 6 years, I’ve turned my personal brand into a $4m income…..

The $4m from my personal brand was through products I sold where the leads came directly from my social media pages.

I spent $0 on ads.

But you know what’s better than that….

The insane amount of people I’ve been able to meet because of my personal brand.

If I message someone, I can usually get an answer. And oftentimes, they have heard of me.

I have built an expansive network that has opened up doors I never thought possible.

All because of some social media posts?

Well, almost…

Today I’ve got some heat for you:

  • 🎁 The Alex Hormozi Effect

  • 🎨 The Art Of Attention

  • 💰 The Content Currency


🎁 The Alex Hormozi Effect

A personal brand becomes worthless when the goal is to squeeze every last drop out of it

(we have all seen the internet gurus who post 5 promotions a day & care only about selling you something….. Yuck, that’s been out of style for years)

Let’s take Alex Hormozi for an example.

Why did he go mega-viral, and why does he have SO much goodwill built up with his audience?

Because what you give is significantly less than what you get, every single time.

His whole line is “I have nothing to sell you”, which is not exactly true.

He is selling you on himself being a business expert, so that one day you will come to him to potentially have him invest in your company.

Alex’s fans, or #Mozination, love him because his timeline is so long and they never feel sold.

Meaning, Alex truly wants to help you grow your business & wants to do it for free.

Because for the 0.01% that make it, he has a selfish interest (which is fine).

So everyone who follows him can let their guard down. There is no pitch coming.

He simply makes good content, and does it consistently (over 200+ posts per week across all platforms currently).

And that’s how you build a brand, not just a “following”.

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🎨 The Art Of Attention

As for quick growth, TikTok & IG Reels are dominating. But you must be fast.

  1. You must GET attention → This is the first 3-5 seconds of a video

  2. Then you must KEEP attention → This is the rest

Here’s an example:

HOOK: “Why you should NEVER go to Bali…..”

MAIN BODY: “I went there to work from the beach for a month, and realized how beautiful it was, and inexpensive compared to the US.”

FLIP THE SCRIPT: “And that was a problem because now I don’t want to leave!!”

At first they hate you, then you flip the script & bring it home. This will generate lots of comments & shares.

Let me wrap this up with 1 personal example:

While building my brand, I spoke about how I was building my brand.

Inside a YouTube video, I would explain how much my videos were making….

It was full-circle transparency that nobody was really doing.

This built a very deep relationship with my audience by just being honest about what I was doing, my goal & the finances behind it.

I don’t know about you, but I'm always curious about other people's numbers.

I want to know their income, how much they are spending…. everything.

So be as transparent as you can. It can only help.

💰 The Content Currency

As time moves on, personal brands become a more integral part of someone's business.

They are no longer separate but as part of the same identity.

When you think of Elon Musk, you think of his companies. You know his personality and his products.

This is why it’s especially critical to build a personal brand if you are also building a business.

This is what we call content currency.

Your advertising dollars will go further and brand recognition will become stronger.

People are attracted to a person. AKA a “character”. This is why brands have mascots. But the best mascot is YOU. A personal brand.

I hope this helped. Please leave some feedback below!


Profit Snack Team

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