💰 How I Turned Freebies Into 4 Million

👨‍💻 I’ve made over 4 million selling courses online.

Online courses are known for 2 things: Being ‘spammy’ and making a lot of money.

In theory, they’re great products.

I’ve seen courses sell for over 40K. The industry as a whole makes $54 billion a year.

But with an industry this size, there are many creators looking to make fast cash with the mindset of “customer-be-damned.”

Hence, the bad rep for courses.

As a guy who’s spent over $180,000 on courses and made over 4 million selling them….

Courses are still a valuable asset. They’re flying off the digital shelves.

The secret is knowing how to make them, and then how to sell them.

Today, I’ll show you:

  • 👊 The Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook Method

  • 💰The Secret To Zero Ad Spend

  • 📚 How To Create A Course Worth Buying

PS - If you stick around till the end, I’ve left you a course toolbox with all of the tools I used

👊 The Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook Method

My name is Hayden, one of the founders at Profit Snack. I’m usually behind the scenes, but today I'm taking the reins.

I didn’t set out to make millions from selling a course.

I was just a 17-year-old in my parent's basement trying to crack the money-making code.

Eventually, I started making $40,000 a month as a teenager.

I was selling pet products online through a platform called Shopify (eCommerce).

After a while, a friend told me I should post videos about how other people can do the same thing.

The next day, I started filming YouTube videos (with my iPhone at the time).

The channel slowly grew, and within 6 months I had about 10,000 subscribers all asking for one thing: A course.

So the first step to selling a course is to have an audience who wants to hear from you.

How do you create raving fans?

You need two things: consistency and unparalleled value.

This has generated consistent leads & sales for 6 years and built a relationship with my audience.

But what I realized is that people were not just buying my course, they were buying me.

Your audience needs to know you, like you & trust you in order to purchase from you.

In his book, Gary Vee talks about the “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” method.

The method: The more value you offer to your audience, the more they will want to give back and buy your stuff.

And the longer you delay the ask, the bigger the ask can be.

I was giving (and still give) as much value to my audience as I could.

But remember, a reputation can be ruined in a moment. So don’t be short-sided for money.

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💰The Secret To Zero Ad Spend

After a few weeks and 101 videos filmed, I shared the link to my first course in a YouTube video.

Day 1: $1,994

Day 2: $1,497

Day 3: $2,494

I was making $30k-$40k/m just from the course alone. All 100% profit.

Since then I’ve launched 4 versions of my program, making me over $4 million in 6 years.

Today, my course is free & used as a tripwire offer to give people value & sell them on a more service-based product that we offer.

Here are 3 tactics I used to make sales WITHOUT spending a dollar on ads:

#1 - I consistently improved my free content. Your content needs to show your audience that you are worth investing in. This means going to extra mile to give them as much value as possible.

EX: Read and respond to every comment and DM for feedback. Then answer any repetitive questions in your content (this gave me an unlimited amount of video ideas)

#2 - I gave away 90% of my course… for free. This is what’s called a lead magnet. It’s a free ‘gift’ that brings your course eyeballs and encourages more sales.

EX: The first half of your course, a PDF, a training video…. Anything. 

A great lead magnet meets 3 criteria:

  1. Solves a problem (not just part of one). Help them with something specific to completion.

  2. Easy to digest. I like my lead magnets to be short & simple.

  3. Be insanely valuable. The more valuable it is, the more sales you’ll get. Pretend that people paid $1,000 for your free offer. If you treat it like that, it will be good.

Here’s one of my lead magnets. You don’t need to sign up if you don’t want to, it’s just an example!

#3 - I offered a guarantee. This is a promise that if buyers don’t get results, they get a refund.

EX: “If you don’t get 50 booked calls in the first 30 days, you don’t pay”

This will help your audience justify the purchase by giving them a safety net.

How to create a guarantee:

  1. Find the most common objection (hint: It’s usually the cost).

  2. Pick one action someone must take to ensure the results.

  3. Put them together.

So, if you have a weight loss program:

“If you follow our workouts 4x per week in the gym and don’t lose 20lbs, you don’t pay a penny.”

With a strong guarantee, you should see a 300-400% increase in sales.

📚 How To Create A Course Worth Buying

Step 1: Market research

Ask questions & get feedback from as many people as possible. Figure out the biggest 10-20 topics you want to hit on.

Choose topics that you consider yourself an expert on.

Step 2: Pick a platform to host on

Regardless of whether your course is free or paid, ClickFunnels & Teachable are great platforms. Kajabi is another option that many people love!

Step 3: Outline & film your content

I like to have anywhere from 5 - 10 modules, sometimes more. Think of these as the “sections.” I usually have 3 - 10 videos under each, each less than 10 minutes.

When creating your content always think “How can I add more value?” then do that.

The goal here is to cut the fluff and jam-pack it with value.

The more value you have, the more referrals you get.

If you already have an audience, you can offer this to them (for free or for a fee).

If you don’t yet have an audience, it’s definitely time to start building one. Post consistently across 2-3 platforms for a long period of time.

It won’t happen fast. But if you build an audience, it will last a lifetime


Hayden & the Profit Snack team.

Your Course Toolbox:

Teachable - I used this course platform to host my first course and website.

Click Funnels - Another course platform I used later on

ManyChat - Instagram DM automation manager. This will help you manage your messages & reply to more people

Klaviyo - An email marketing platform that helps you build a relationship with the people who get your lead magnets (always collect emails!)

Loom - A great way to film your course if you don’t have a camera.

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