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A.I Will Collapse This Industry Overnight

A.I generated videos have yet to take over the internet like A.I image and text generation have.

But as companies like Synthesia get more funding for research, A.I videos will collapse the film industry overnight.

Synthesia, an A.I video Generator, just raised $90 Million in funding - valuing the startup at $1 Billion.

(PS - thats NOT a real person)

Synthesia plans to put the $90 Million into improving their videos to make them look more realistic.

Theyve talked about:

  • Creating more realistic voices

  • Adding more dynamic facial expressions

  • Incorporating more natural movements

The CEO of Synthesia says they have a year-over-year user growth rate of 456% and over 15 million videos generated on the platform to date.

Thats some fast growth.

(For reference, Google has an 8.2% and Amazon a 20% annual user growth rate.)

Right now, the entire A.I video generation industry is expected to hit 1 billion by 2028, and $2 billion by 2032.

Honestly, Id argue it will grow much faster than that as major companies like NVIDIA, OpenAI, Meta, and Microsoft continue to put millions into generative research.

(But shhhh. Dont tell the film majors)

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Zuckerberg Stops Dangerous A.I Tool

A few weeks ago we talked about Zuckerbergs plan to add A.I into all Meta products.

But when a new text-to-speech model named Voicebox was finished and ready for release..Zuckerberg killed it.


Its too powerful.

Specifically 20x MORE powerful than any other text-to-image model.

Voicebox can :

  • Create new voices from scratch.

  • Translate between 6 different languages. Not just translate, but keep the same voice. So you could have Tom Hanks speak in 5 different languages.

  • Use any voice recording and make them say anything. And yes, its very realistic.

But why would Zuckerberg kill a product that will make him billions??

Meta put a halt to this because deep fakes continue to stir up controversy.

And as cool as it is, they do have a good point

Imagine if someone cloned your voice to:

  • Create a video of you saying something you didnt

  • Call your family asking for money

  • Edit what you say and legally use it against you

As Churchhill once said With great power comes great responsibility

So its probably a smart move to hold off for now.

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The Top 5 Ways To Get Rich With A.I

Alex Becker, a YouTuber with 1.33 Million subscribers recently released a video talking about his top 5 ways to get rich with A.I

Or to be specific how to get disgustingly rich with A.I

We picked out our 2 favorite ideas and added our own guide for getting started!

Business #1 - Help business integrate A.I automated workflows

  1. Contact businesses and pitch them on why A.I automation will 10x their profit

  2. Find out how A.I can help them increase sales. That could look like CRM automation, automated follow-up emails, or automated workflows.

  3. Use No-code tools like Zapier that help you build workflows without learning to code.

Business #2 - Create an A.I customer chatbot for Real Estate agents to answer questions and help book appointments.

  1. Reach out to real estate agents and pitch them on how an A.I chatbot will give them more clients.

  2. Offer to build and integrate an A.I chatbot for their website that will answer questions and help clients book an appointment.

  3. Go to a no-code A.I chatbot builder like Botsonic and build the chatbot using the agents data.

This was recommended by one of our readers. If you have any cool topics to tools you want us to cover - leave it in the polls at the end!

You can watch the full video HERE

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