White House Funds $20M A.I Challenge

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  • White House Funds $20M A.I Challenge

  • Nvidia Creates A New Metaverse

  • Why 82% Of Voters Want To Stop A.I

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White House Funds $20M A.I Challenge

Just last week we talked about the U.S governments plan for handling A.I.

Not much has happened as the U.S seems to be dragging its feet, but today theyve made a move no one saw coming.

DARPA (the group in charge of cyberattacks) is giving out $20 million in an A.I competition between major tech companies.

All of our A.I favorites like Google, Microsoft, Anthropic, and OpenAI are already on board.

So, whats the challenge?

The A.I companies have 2 years to create an A.I tool that can find and fix security flaws in U.S programming.

Specifically for programming we cant afford to be hacked like our electric grid or White House security.

Why the big push?

Since January, more and more state government systems are being hacked and held for ransom.

The U.S is expecting more of these attacks as generative A.I helps hackers learn to code faster for cheaper, and do 100x more damage.

Considering that its already happening and its only going to get worse, this was a good move as nothing drives progress like good ol competition.

Plus, it makes things more interesting for us.

Nvidia Creates A New Metaverse

Nvidia has stolen the A.I spotlight yet again with 2 new announcements that have left the A.I space in a frenzy.

The last one is the craziest as Nvidia plans to one-up Meta with what they call The Omniverse.

But lets start with the first one.

Unless youve had your head in the sand, you know were in the middle of an A.I chip crisis.

Every A.I model needs A.I chips, and the main chip producer (Nvidia) is running low. Simply put, we needed this chip.

Its name?

The GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and its a MONSTER of a chip with 3x more memory.

(seriously its like the Shaq of A.I chips)

All that memory allows developers to run bigger models on fewer chips and save more money. Its a win-win.

Announcement #2 - Nvidia plans to kickstart their version of the Metaverse called The Omniverse.

Think of the Metaverse as one world where you can virtually hang out with friends or attend a concert.

The Omniverse is like a mega park that contains thousands of Metaverses.

Nvidias goal is to create a place where A.I can learn about the world, but also where we can experiment with things without facing the effects.

Ex - Want to know what happens when you put these two metals together?

Do it in the Omniverse first so you dont end the world.

What this means for you: Not only is A.I tech going to skyrocket even faster with the new A.I chip, but so will scientific and architectural research.

In other words, sh*t is about to get crazy.

Why 82% Of Voters Want To Stop A.I

A new poll by the API (Artificial Intelligence Policy) surveyed over 1,000 Americans this last week to gauge their thoughts on A.I.

I have to say, after looking at the results Im a little shocked and more than confused.

Heres what the results showed:

For context, political affiliation did not have a big impact on results. They were split evenly.

Basically, this survey told us 3 big things:

  1. Most Americans DO NOT trust tech companies to regulate themselves. I have to say I agree with this one.

  2. There are people who are not scared of A.I right now, but think its a bad idea to speed it up because of whats coming next. Also known as fear of the unknown.

  3. Americans think that slowing down A.I is possible, and also the best way to control it.

At Synthetic Mind we love all things A.I (literally, we cant stop talking about it).

So why is it that Americans are scared of a future with A.I?

To figure this out, I did some investigating. I went to the top 5 news outlets in the U.S and searched the keyword Artificial Intelligence.

Here were the top 5 headlines:

Are you seeing what Im seeing?

If you ask me, 99% of the fear that Americans have is a result of the media pushing scary stories about A.I.

Because the truth is, scary stories sell better than happy ones.

Make sure you do your research folks and dont believe everything you hear!

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