A business blindspot worth millions

The $1.4 million opportunity everyone missed.

I spent the last 21 hours going down a rabbit hole. I realized one of the sites Ive used for the last 5 years has some major flaws in it.

In the process, I stumbled on an opportunity I cant help but share.

Based on my estimations, this business is making a minimum of $1.4M a month.

Now this might sound crazy.

But after my research, I believe this business will be disrupted in the next few years.

Heres some quick background info:

Youve probably heard you should hire a virtual assistant.

A person overseas that frees up small tasks so you can focus on building your business. Most business owners hire from the Philippines. Why?

The reason is more simple than you think. The biggest website for hiring virtual assistants is Onlinejobs.ph. It just happens to be in the Philippines.

But after hiring 20+ team members from Onlinejobs, Ive noticed a few holes in their business:

  1. Time zone - Philippines is 14 hours ahead. Everyone works night shift.

  2. Natural Disasters - Its ranked #1 most-disaster-prone country in the world. While unfortunate it still causes problems while trying to build a business.

  3. Varied quality of candidates - The training for candidates, from what I can tell is non-existent. So it's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

The way the platform works is pretty simple. Its a portal connecting U.S business owners and remote Philippine workers. You post a job and within 24 hours youre flooded with applicants.

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The Opportunity

From what I can tell Onlinejobs is not optimized for growth. Everyone I know who uses Onlinejobs has heard about it from a friend.

And in my experience, any business that grows strictly from word of mouth is a gold mine.

So that got me thinking.

What if I created an Onlinejobs competitor?

Heres what I know:

1/ Their site has zero changes in the last 5 years (give or take a few colors)

2/ Ive found zero cold marketing. It appears theyre growing only by word of mouth. Which is impressive but not competitive.

3/ Their team is 2 founders and a group of assistants. Because of that, I doubt they're looking to eat up market share rapidly.

This opportunity matches one of my biggest criteria. Build a business youre proud of.

Personally, I think this is a problem worth solving. Businesses like this give people in all countries the same opportunities to work for good pay.

Im sure the founders are great guys - but what I see is a business ready to be reimagined.

So, How Would I Build This?

First, we need to talk about where to build it. For me the answer is obvious.


Yes. Im talking about the same Colombia that was riddled with crime in the 90s by Pablo Escobar.

Since the end of Escobars reign, the country has turned around (but most still dont realize this).

I spent two months there earlier this year. I was surprised to find that Colombia is a hotspot for entrepreneurs.

5 Year search traffic for Colombia in the U.S

Heres why I would base my version of Onlinejobs in Colombia:

  • Time zone is the same as Chicago and Houston (No more night shift)

  • Spanish is the 2nd largest language in the U.S at 41 million speakers.

  • Your customers (entrepreneurs) are already traveling to Colombia. This makes it easier to connect remote workers with business owners.

After I set up shop in Colombia, I would start on the marketing.

With this business, you have two customers: Business owners and locals from Colombia.

The demand for business owners is pretty straightforward. Hardworking team members never go out of style.

Getting Colombian locals starts awareness. After talking to a handful of locals in Colombia, most dont realize you can make money online.

So, heres my 2 part guerilla marketing master plan:

1/ Tiktok Interview Videos

Take Hannah Williams for example. Shes a tiktoker who went absolutely viral asking people one simple question How much do you make at your job?

Shes built an audience with:

  • 2 million+ followers

  • 750 million+ views

  • 35 million+ likes

I would go around the city of Medellin, Colombia, and do the same exact thing. Only difference is I would end the interview with, Did you know you could make X amount online? and just film their genuine reactions.

All it takes is one viral video to get the word out there.

2/ Offer free English tutoring to anyone on the platform.

One of the most valuable skills for locals is learning to speak English.

Most people charge for tutoring, but since youre using it to get attention you dont have to. Now, youre able to improve the quality of the candidates and get attention. Boom. 2 stones 1 bird.

P.S. - The reason that we did 21+ hours of research to write this isnt just for fun and games. The truth is it doesnt matter what I say or how many times I say it, none of this matters until you do something with it.

So with that being said, go build something youre proud of.

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