Our writer quit

Synthetic Mind here, I have good news and bad news.

Bad news Our writer quit.

Good news... Your substitute teacher, Johnathon is chock full of dumb business ideas.

So today, I'm going to be giving you three bad business ideas I wish somebody would actually start.

Welcome to Business Ideas Im Embarrassed I had

Let's get into it.

Pitch #1: OnlyBands

Over the past few years I've seen way too many people get rich off of selling **photos**.

So it got me thinking There's the girls version of onlyfans.

But where's the guys version?

Introducing: OnlyBands

Slogan: I want to see you financially naked

A service that should be a thing, but isn't Is a financial onlyfans.

Heres how it would work:

  1. Influencers securely connect all financial accounts to OnlyBands

  2. OnlyBands verifies the information + removes anything sensitive

  3. OnlyBands shares high-level financial numbers with subscribers

Financial transparency is something that isn't happening enough in the business world.

Just imagine, for $ 9 a month you can take a peek at your favorite influencers portfolio in real time.

How rich are they really? Where are they moving it? They grabbed Apple stock, maybe I should too.

It blurs the line perfectly between financial advice and just being honest.

So why would anyone join this?

If you were a business influencer you would do this because you're gonna get paid, and who doesn't like getting paid to do nothing?

Just connect your accounts and then you tell your audience Subscribe to my OnlyBands!

Then subscribers can pop in, see what's going on in those accounts, and get ideas.

Pitch #2: Crooked Cash

I'm gonna be honest. I love a good scandal.

I'm not above it.

I mean seriously, who doesn't?

My favorite scandals are business scandals.

Sam Friedman blew up FTX whoops. Tell me more.

Elizabeth Holmes lied to investors Ooo, you hate to see it.

Its like watching a car crash. You know you shouldnt look but you just cant help it.

I want somebody to deliver the best business crooks in history on a silver platter straight to my inbox.

You could be the Synthetic Mind of business scandals.

Send it weekly, sell ad spots, and deliver content on the biggest business schemes in history.

The most popular business shows are always about scandals:

Everybody loves a good American dream. But there's nothing quite like the American Dream, gone bad.

Plus, theres always more lessons in the failures, than the successes.

Pitch #3: Solo Silicon

One of the most interesting trends Ive seen is the idea of solopreneurs

A single-person business.

Think of this like a freelancer but with a product + brand.

For example, DesignJoy is a one-man design agency. He charges $5k/m and has over 20 clients.

Basically, he makes $1M+ a year as a one-man band.

But lets be real - Solopreneurship is a recipe for loneliness.

Introducing Solo Silicon: Like Silicon Valley, but for solopreneurs.

Heres how it would work:

  1. Build a community for Solopreneurs in Discord or Slack

  2. Get everyone together 3x/month to talk about business + personal lives

  3. Fly to a big city annually to get everyone together.

The world will get more automated. This means businesses are hiring fewer and fewer employees to get the job done. This tells me the idea of solopreneurship isnt going anywhere.

Building a community is the easiest solution to a problem that wont be solved otherwise.

There you go. There are my three dumb ideas.

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