How This Movie Made $1B Using A.I

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  • How The Barbie Movie Used A.I To Make $1 Billion

  • This A.I Partnership Will Save The World

  • Use ChatGPT To Start An A.I business

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How The Barbie Movie Used A.I To Make $1 Billion

Whether you were team Oppenheimer or team Barbie (#teamOpenhiemer) when they both hit theaters a few weeks ago, one things for sure

Barbie killed it with $155 Million in revenue in its opening week.

(Thats $30 million more than Avatar 2)

Now 1 week later, Barbie has hit $1 billion in total box office revenue.

For reference, only 53 movies in history can say that.

When asked about their marketing secrets, Barbie marketers gave one answer

Generative A.I (A.I that creates content).

Naturally, this turned a lot of heads. No one was expecting that answer.

Heres how they did it:

#1 -The Barbie movie poster generator. This was a visual A.I tool that used A.I to make custom Barbie posters from selfies.

To kick it off, they asked influencers to post their movie poster on their social media using the hashtag #TheBarbieMovie.

Fast forward 3 months later and the A.I tool had over 13 million users.

#2 - A.I-powered quizzes. Barbie marketers also released multiple quizzes that find out which Barbie the users are most like. (Kinda odd but people loved it).

Then users were pushed to post their Barbie personality on social media with the same hashtag #TheBarbieMovie.

With both of these strategies combined, that hashtag hit an Instagram record of 325K posts in under 4 months.

#3 - A.I-generated Bumble compliments. I think this ones the best tactic yet.

Barbie partnered with Bumble (a dating app with over 12 million users) and used A.I to write up Barbie Compliments for users to send to matches.

The result?

75% of Bumble users said they loved it and wanted to see go and see the movie with a date.

So not only are they making their target audience happy, but theyre getting two tickets instead of one. Genius.

Barbie marks the first major movie to use generative A.I a marketing strategy.

Now that everyone has seen their success, theyve started a trend thats catching on fast.

Like with CocaCola who just partnered with OpenAI for their Create Real Magic campaign which seems to be getting a lot of traction.

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The A.I Partnership That Will Save The World

Ill keep this one short and sweet, but I was reading about this partnership between two tech companies that I think is pretty f*cking awesome (and GREAT news for us).

NASA has partnered with IBM (the worlds biggest philanthropist) to combine A.I with space tech.

Nasa wants to use A.I to get more data oncatastrophes so we get a better understanding of whats going on.

Its like ChatGPT but for NASA.

The plan:

Satellites collect data A.I analyzes the data Gov uses data to prepare for disasters

NASA says with A.I, theyre able to analyze 250,000TB more data with a 15% higher success rate.

Super exciting.

A few weeks back we talked about The Frontier Model Forum - the A.I club with tech giants and politicians.

One of the goals was to use A.I to solve major problems like global warming and poverty.

Its unclear whether this is a result of that meeting, but either way, well see more things like this on the horizon.

*no pun intended

Use ChatGPT To Start An A.I business

Were getting a lot of requests for A.I business ideas. So today, I thought Id do you one better and help you create your own.

Use this ChatGPT prompt to create a custom A.I business that fits your schedule, skills, and budget.

Just copy and paste the prompt below!

Act as the world's most successful business coach for entrepreneurs. My request is to start an A.I business that will make me [NUMBER] figures per year using A.I. You will give me the A.I business as well as how it works and where I can get started. Here are your next steps:
1. Ask me 10 questions to gather information about what you would need to know before creating my business. This would be things like skills, interest, availability, etc. Do not start step 2 until you have my answers.
2. Using my answers, give me 10 A.I business ideas. For each idea, tell me how long it will take to keep up each week, the average income people doing this side hustle make, what resources I would need, potential startup costs, and any other details you think are necessary. 
3. Once I see the A.I business ideas, I will give you my top 3. With these top 3, give me a roadmap of how to get started with each. 

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