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  • How I Write Effective ChatGPT Prompts

  • 崎he Next Big A.I Wave

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NEW ChatGPT Updates

ChatGPT went petal to the metal last weekend with 6 new updates and a promise for more in the next few weeks.

Here are the 3 you need to know. (In order of bada**ery):

  1. Prompt replies. ChatGPT now gives suggestions for what to say next, and it looks like theyre on par with prompt engineer expertise.

  2. Code Interpreter can now analyze multiple files at once. Finally!! Im nerding out here but being able to upload 3 Excel files at once will be a major time saver. 

  3. Conversation starters. Think of this like an ice breaker. Great for A.I newbies. Helps to get the convo rollin with GPT.

Every update is focused on one goal: Make ChatGPT easier.

Why is that interesting?

Because in January when this A.I Race was just kicking off, all the A.I chats were racing to become better at performing tasks.

Not necessarily becoming customer friendly. 

The problem with adding tons of advanced A.I features is that only the most tech-savvy customers can use it.

In fact, 40% of Americans still dont know what ChatGPT is, and only 14% have used it. (I know, that one blew me away too)

So companies are turning their focus towards making their A.I more user friendly.

And if the growth of the iPhone is any indication, mass growth comes from more people understanding how to use your product.

Good move, OpenAI.

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How I Write Effective ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT is an idea machine.

But 99% of people don't know how to use it properly.

Today Im going to give away the secret sauce to great prompts.

Once you have this formula, you can use it to spin up prompts for any type of thing you can imagine...

Its like having a personal finance coach, Meditation Guru, or Michelin Star Chef at your fingertips.

Heres the secret: Every prompt I write follows an acronym I call A.M.Y

  • Act as...

  • My request is...

  • You will give me...

Heres an example:

I want you to act as a world-class copywriter. My request is to get persuasive writing that captures attention. You will give me examples of captivating headlines. Let's start with this request...

By telling ChatGPT to play a role, it gives you the same answer a person with that expertise would.

Think of it like giving ChatGPT a roadmap on how to answer.

If you want to learn how to cook, ask it to play a Michelin Star Chef.

If you want to get fit, ask it to play a Movie Star personal trainer.

You get the idea.

Heres a quick video on how to use our prompt assistant to create powerful prompts.

Just a little thank you for being a Synthetic reader 歹 

崎he Next Big A.I Wave

Another leaked email shows big things coming our way with Google Assistant (the Google version of Siri).

Heres the inside scoop:

  • People are getting fired. Turns out, the A.I assistant was so good it took 12+ employee jobs. What a Catch-22. 

  • Youve already used it. Google has snuck generative A.I into the mobile app, but theyre not telling us where.

  • Googles scared. Theyve been burned by a few privacy breaches this year, and adding A.I to the mix is a whole new playing field.

  • Google Assistant will be more talk, less action. The goal is to make it conversational. Seems odd but thats where most A.I tools are headed.

If you ask me, I think virtual assistants are the next big wave. Theyre easier to use, people are used to them, and they can be integrated with apps quickly.

Here are a few other virtual assistants to keep an eye out for:

  • Alexa. Amazon announced they plan to revamp Alexa with generative A.I updates.

  • AppleGPT (potentially with Siri). Another leaked email tells us Apple is working on a ChatGPT rival, most likely in the form of a virtual assistant.

TBH, my moneys on Apple.

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