A.I Tool Goes Viral On TikTok

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  • Metas Secret A.I Plans

  • A.I Tool Goes Viral On TikTok

  • Use ChatGPT To Get Your Dream Job

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Metas Secret A.I Plans

Just when we find out that GPT-5 (the next version of ChatGPT) will be all things audio

AKA ChatGPT but for sound.

I gave it a spin and its true, AudioCraft is definitely the best audio tool out there. You can use AudioCraft to:

This is the 2nd major open-source tool by Meta in the last two weeks.

For those of you new here, open source means developers can access the code and use it however they want. for free (supposedly).

But Im seeing a trend here that no one seems to be talking about

Open source is the new thing in the A.I space. Not just with Meta, but with other tech companies too like Anthropic and Google.

My question: Why are tech companies spending thousands developing new A.I models, just to let businesses use them for free?

Seems odd, right?

My theory: Tech companies want business to integrate their A.I models into their companies so that they cant live without them.

Then later down the line, theyll charge businesses to keep using the software. Companies will either have to pay up, or rework their entire business.

Why do I think so? Well, its already happened before..

Back in 2018 MongoDB and Redis Labs (two major software companies) did this very thing.

The cherry on top?

Meta owns all of the data they trained AudioCraft with but has NOT released the royalties.

Meaning Meta may get a cut every time someone uses a sound in their products. The stage has already been set, my friends.

Now, we wait.

Brought To You By The Average Joe

The IKEA Instructions for Investing

Assembling IKEA tables got you feelin like the Steph Curry of furniture?

The Average Joe will turn you into the Marie Kondo of investing. Organized, calm, and ready to conquer the markets.

Their newsletters are the IKEA instructions for investing short, simple and concise filled with market trends and insights.

But you dont read IKEA manuals on your spare time and you wouldnt read financial publications for fun. Until now

A.I Tool Goes Viral On TikTok

Theres a new A.I tool going viral on TikTok and if you ask me

It deserves all of the hype.

On TikTok alone, the tool has almost 4 million views and thousands of preorders.

The crazy part?

The tool was NOT developed by a major tech giant. It was created by 2 Stanford students. in medical school.

The tool?


Basically, A.I glasses that give you subtitles for the real world.

Take a look:

The goal is to help people with hearing loss understand whats happening in conversations and moves. But eventually, they want to use it as a translation tool when traveling.

Google tried something similar, called Google Glass but that turned out to be an epic failure.

(So bad that Google just stopped selling them in March 2023)

But I think TranscribeGlass has a chance as theyre selling for $99 and are easier to use than Google Glass which sold for $1,500.

You can join the waitlist for TranscribeGlass HERE, which will be released sometime this Winter.

Use ChatGPT To Get Your Dream Job

Great news - readers are LOVING the ChatGPT prompts.

(Thanks for all the love)

A reader requested a ChatGPT prompt that will help them get their dream job.

So, here is a prompt that will help you pick the right job for you, write your cover letter, and give you a practice interview.

Just copy and paste the prompt below!

Also, please let me know in the poll what prompt you want to see next!

"Help me apply for a job. I will attach the job description below. I need you to first help me understand what the job will require of me. Then I need you to help me apply by writing a cover letter based on my resume. Finally, help me prepare for my interview. Here are your next steps:
1. Read the job description and list out the requirements, what my responsibilities are, any necessary information, and what my average day would look like with this job, and [insert additional questions here]. Do not start step 2 until I say 'proceed'. Here is the job description [insert description here].
2. I will attach my resume below. Please write a cover letter for the job I am applying for. Write the cover letter using a template that has seen over a 90% success rate. Do not start step 3 until I say 'proceed'. Here is my resume [insert resume here].
3. Give me 10 interview questions for practice. Choose the questions based on commonly asked questions in this field."

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