GPT-5 Is Coming (real)

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Its Thursday. Stay strong:

  • What We Know About GPT-5

  • Meta Gives A.I Feelings

  • Use ChatGPT To Build Your Meal Plan

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What We Know About GPT-5

Since last March, Ive been waiting on pins and needles to talk about GPT-5.

The problem is OpenAI refuses to talk about it and no updates have been preparing us for it.

(For those of you who are new here, GPT-5 is the next version of ChatGPT which currently uses GPT-4)

OpenAI has filed for a U.S Trademark application for GPT-5.

Its a baby step, but you gotta start somewhere.

The trademark tells us 5 things about GPT-5:

  1. Will be heavy on audio. Specifically, it will create human-like voices from text (text-to-speech).

  2. Can transcribe videos from file uploads

  3. Will use voice recognition

  4. Can translate between languages based on voice input - just like Google Translate

  5. Will have more neural networks for better speech, answers, and creativity.

The ChatGPT OGs know that a lot of these features were promised with GPT-4.

Clearly, thats not what we were given.

But hey, 5th times the charm?

(I sure hope so for ChatGPTs sake as most other A.I chats already have some form of an audio tool)

As per usual, OpenAI has given us no expected release date so I did a little digging. Based on insider info and the timeline of past GPT releases..

Were looking at sometime in December 2024

Not too close, but not too far either.

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Meta Gives A.I Feelings

Metas got a problem

Over 50% of their users have left Threads (their new Twitter competitor), and no one knows why. But, Meta has a plan.

The plan: In September, Meta will release over 30 A.I chats with personas.

Heres what we know:

Snapchat tried a similar thing but saw no success.

However, Character AI (which offers hundreds of A.I chat personas) is now valued at $1 billion.

On top of that, its users spend an average of 30 minutes PER CHAT on the site. For a website, those are mind-blowing numbers.

So yet again, Metas seeing someone do well and thinking thanks, Ill take some of that!

Maybe this time it will work out better for them than threads.

Food for thought:The Godfather of A.I (Geoffrey Hinton) is back in the papers lately warning us about A.I developing feelings.

He says one way this will happen is when A.I is programmed to understand emotions.

EX: Human insults A.I A.I is programmed to be angry A.I acts in angry way

This is exactly what Meta is doing with their A.I tools.

Is that a bad thing?

Use ChatGPT To Build Your Meal Plan

Im getting comments in the polls asking for more ChatGPT prompts.

As always, your wish is my command.

Here is a prompt that will create a customized weekly meal plan based on your goals, preferences, and budget.

Just copy + paste into ChatGPT!

(Also, please let me know in the poll at the end what you want the next ChatGPT prompt to help you with)

Create my weekly meal planner that consists of [#] meals a day. The chart should include the meal, list of ingredients, short cooking instructions, and total macro count. My goal is to [GOALS]. The total cost of the ingredients should be under [$ AMOUNT] a week. The recipes should take less than [#] minutes to prepare, and try to share the same foods between recipes. Do not include these ingredients [ingredients]. Include recipes from these cuisines: [LIST OF DESIRED CUISINES, or ask for a variety]. At the end, include a shopping list with the ingredients grouped by category and the approximate cost per ingredient.

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