ChatGPT Enters The Dark Web

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  • The Dark Side of A.I

  • Googles New Robot

  • LEAKED: LinkedIn Adds A.I Coach

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The Dark Side of A.I

To be completely honest with you, I didnt want to write about this.

Its scary and uncomfortable, but after what happened this week.

You need to know about this.

A new A.I chat named FraudGPT is circling about and youve probably already been affected by it. Whos FraudGPT?

FraudGPT is a one-stop-shop for everything hackersneed from learning how to write code to writing emails to scam people.

As of today, FraudGPT has gained more than 3,000 confirmed sales and reviews.

The guy behind it all is going by the name CanadianKingpin.

(In the movies the villains have MUCH scarier names)

CanadianKingpin claims FraudGPT can:

  • Power chatbots to convince users to send their credit card info

  • Write convincing scam emails like invoices that can steal your money or include a link that leaves a virus on your computer

  • Used to create other hacking tools. Just like how ChatGPT is used to power other A.I tools.

So what are we doing about it?

Well.were fighting fire with fire.

Tech companies are using A.I to fight back against FraudGPT by using it to double check their security codes and track known hackers.

In fact, a new company named Protect AI just raised $35 million in funding for their A.I-defending tools.

The problem is that with A.I, its easier for people to learn how to hack and do 20x more damage with less cost and less risk.

So just a reminder, be careful with what links you click on and where you submit your credit card info.

Googles New Robot

Where Google lacks in A.I chats, they make up for in robotics.

Thats a big flex as only 1 other robot can understand voice commands and take action based on that.

None have been able to learn by themselves.

RT-2 can:

  • Pick out specific objects you ask for

  • Understand what trash is and throw it away

  • Solve simple puzzles

RT-2 was trained on text and image data from the internet so it has a base understanding of the world that other robots dont.

(So thats what Google was doing with our data)

Before RT-2 you would have to point at a sock and program into the robot this is a sock.

Now the robot knows what a sock is before we show it one.

Key point - RT-2 learns using context clues and trial and error. just like humans.

This means that robots wont have to stay at assembly lines, but can now go into more sophisticated roles like janitors and home assistants.

And just for good measure, Google wants you to know that every robot has a big red OFF button...

(if you can get there in time)

LEAKED: LinkedIn Adds A.I Coach

IDK about you, but when theres a major company leak Im all ears. Theres just something satisfying about knowing something before everyone else.

Todays leak: LinkedIn is releasing an A.I coach to help you through your business career.

We know the coach will:

  • Teach you new skills to help get more jobs

  • Put you in networks

  • Help you find + apply for jobs

Theres no denying this is a great idea, but I cant help but wonder.

Will it work?

Assuming Microsoft will use GPT-4, then we know the A.I is capable of giving advice since GPT-4 passed the GMAT exam.

So it becomes a question of if A.I can replace the humanness of a business coach.

In a survey with millions of entrepreneurs, researchers asked their thoughts on using an A.I business coach instead of a human one.

Heres what they said:

The conclusion: No, A.I business coaches will NOT replace human coaches. At least for now.

People still value human connection even if its not as logical as A.I.

But, Im sure we will start to see a merging of the two as coaches use A.I to improve their services.

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