A.I Giants Make BIG Decision

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Its techie Tuesday. Heres whats new:

  • Amazon Makes BIG A.I Moves

  • 儭 Battle Of The A.I Chats

  • A.I Giants Create The Frontier Model Forum

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Amazon Makes BIG A.I Moves

If youve been with us for a while, you know all about A.I agents.

Specifically ChaosGPT - the A.I agent tasked to destroy humanity and tried to convince Twitter users to break into a nuclear power plant.

(If not, you can read more about it HERE)

Well, Amazons trying to bring a similar A.I agents back, and theyre getting smarter. But first, lets revisit what an A.I agent is.

A.I agents are A.I tools that can handle multiple tasks at once.

EX - Right now if you want to book a flight, you can ask ChatGPT to find flights near me. Then you have to go through and book the flight yourself.

But with A.I agents, all you have to do is tell the A.I where you want to go and when. Then it will take care of everything from finding the flight to booking it.

A very big difference.

Weve seen a few A.I agents like ChaosGPT and AutoGPT, but those were all talk and no walk.

For instance, AutoGPT could find your flights and get to the checkout page, but it couldnt physically book them.

But were getting close with Amazons new plan to release an A.I agent named Bedrock Agent.

Businesses can use the A.I agent for things like customer service and task management.

So if a business has an A.I agent in charge of customer service, the agent can talk to the customer and edit orders based on the customers needs all by itself.

Soon, Amazon plans to have the A.I agents manage teams of other A.I agents. One day, the whole IT department could just be hundreds of A.I bots.

Why this is big: Amazon is now the go-to place for access to most A.I tools AND the top A.I tech as no other marketplace is using A.I agents at this scale.

So not only have they squashed their competition, but theyre also giving businesses the opportunity to 10x their growth practically overnight.

儭 Battle Of The A.I Chats

A.I chats are like NFTs

Not only are they everywhere, but theyre useless if you dont know how to use them.

So, I listed out the top 5 ways people use A.I chats, and which chat you should use for each task. Let me know what you think in the poll at the end!

#1. Research: Bing Chat

Why: Its like ChatGPT but for searching the internet. It can find any paper, data, or chat and includes links to each site.

#2. Summarizing docs/ Understanding topics: Claude 2 (Anthropic)

Why: Has the highest text input limit and ranks the highest on text comprehension.

#3. Finances/ investing: Bing Chat

Why: Again, its like ChatGPT for the internet. It gives ChatGPT-level investment advice AND has access to the latest info on the stock market.

#4. Coding/ Analyzing data: ChatGPT or Bard

Why ChatGPT: The code interpreter plugin is the best Ive seen for reading and writing code (specifically Python). Its also the best at creating charts when given a lot of data.

Why Bard: If you have a PDF or picture of data, Bard is the only chat that can analyze the image.

#5. Planning: ChatGPT

Why: ChatGPT ranked the highest on the decision making and critical thinking benchmark - the top 2 traits you want in a planner.

BTW - A few months ago ChatGPT would have won in almost every category, but after shutting off the ability to search the internet its falling behind the other chats.

A.I Giants Create The Frontier Model Forum

Last week we talked about the White House meeting up with the top 7 A.I companies to figure out a plan for A.I regulation

This week, we get a massive letter talking about the Frontier Model Forum.

Basically, its an A.I club for tech giants and politicians to meet up and talk about A.I. What could go wrong??

Each company has its own version of the forum, but they all agree on these 4 goals:

  1. To continue A.I research in a safe way

  2. They must create a list of rules for all A.I companies

  3. Will collaborate with politicians to pass A.I regulation laws

  4. They must use A.I to overcome problems in society

On the surface these sound great. But heres what this really means:

The Frontier Model Forum is strictly A.I giants and politicians.

No public opinion. No outside industries. No watchdogs.

If you ask me, tech giants have just bought themselves a seat in the White House.

On one hand, this could be great: New legislation focused on channeling the A.I boom towards solving problems would be helpful.

(Imagine where wed be if companies were racing to end world hunger vs creating the best A.I chat)

But dont forget, tech giants make more money if A.I is NOT regulated. So why are they calling all the shots?

Because heres the cold hard truth - Theyre not regulating themselves, theyre regulating their competition.

These laws make it harder for smaller tech companies to create their own A.I models as they dont have the money or resources to keep up with the regulation costs.

What'd you think of today's edition?

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