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  • Why A.I WONT Take Your Job

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ChatGPTs Crypto Launch

People are waiting in 19-hour lines today to let OpenAI scan their eyes.


To prove theyre a real human.


Lets start from the beginning.

Since the beginning of 2023, Sam Altman (the CEO of OpenAI) has been traveling the world and leaving Orbs in every country possible.

Heres why:

OpenAI has released a crypto named World Coin, and the only way to get it is to let OpenAI scan your eyeballs.


World Coin gives you a digital identity so governments can tell who is human and who is A.I. Think of it as your drivers license for the internet.

There are only two rules:

  1. You must be human

  2. You can only have one

Pretty simple.

When the idea was first introduced 3 years ago, no one was excited about it. It was new, weird, and no one understood it.

But fast forward three years later and people are loving it with over 2 million verified users -valuing World Coin at $3 billion.

Why the switch up? Because World Coin solves 2 major A.I problems:

  1. Stopping Deepfakes that land you in legal trouble or ruin your reputation

  2. A.I bots stealing your identity

By scanning our eyes, World Coin can look at any photo/ video and know if its A.I generated or not. Almost like a generative-A.I cop.

So if a video comes out of you robbing a bank, World Coin will know if the person in the video is you or A.I generated.

But theres a cost.

Thats a lot of data you give up, and although World Coin swears that your data is safe.

The World Coin privacy policy does NOT stop them from sharing your identity with governments or using it to help businesses make money.

For some, thats a worthy trade. For others, theyre calling it the privacy nightmare of 2023.

You can apply to reserve your World Coin HERE

Together With Masterworks

Sorry Sam Altman - These investors didnt need retina-scanners for 14 profitable exits

Youve probably heard OpenAI founder Sam Altman is launching his own cryptocurrency. The only catch? You have to get your retinas scanned first to prove youre not AI. Because of course you do.

But if going full Edna-mode for a $2.50 digital coin sounds a little tiring, theres easier ways for you to diversify. Like Masterworks offerings in blue chip art, which handed back recent payouts of 10%, 17%, and 35% net returns.

You dont need to found an AI startup to afford an investment in Masterworks pieces - and you dont need to be an art connoisseur either. Each of Masterworks 14 exits has been profitable, with over 750,000 sign-ups and $800mm in assets under management.

Offerings have sold out in minutes, but Synthetic Mind readers can skip the waitlist to join here. (No retina scan required.)

See important disclosures at

Why A.I WONT Take Your Job

In the U.S, everyone is asking one question. will A.I take my job?

Today, Ive decided to take a few minutes and answer this question once and for all.

Since the beginning of machines, we assumed tech would take the blue-collar jobs first like repair and production.

But after generative A.I (A.I that creates content) came around, reports show that A.I will take white-collar jobs, and manual labor is unlikely to experience much impact from A.I.

But were finding out that thats not 100% true

Last week, SoftBank (a major tech investor) invested $100M into warehouse automation to cut costs (aka workers).

With A.I, the Warehouse Automation Market is expected to reach $41 billion by 2027.

The bottom line - everyone is at risk of having their job snatched by A.I.

But before you freak out, take a look at this:

For every job replaced by new tech, 2 more are created (on average).

Sometimes, tech doesnt replace jobs at all

In the 1980s bank tellers were freaking out about ATMs replacing them. But it turned out that the number of tellers increased by over 1,000,000 within the next 30 years.

Tellers were given additional tasks and needed when the ATMs were down. In other words, the tellers adapted to the new tech.

What this means for you - Yes, you are at risk for A.I taking your job. However, its more likely that your job will simply shift to include A.I.

So my advice to you is to stay up to date on A.I (I can help with that), and keep learning how to use A.I to increase your output.

How To Invest With ChatGPT

The other day I found a course teaching people how to save money with ChatGPT. What a great idea.

So I created my own prompt to help you build a tailored 15-year investment plan depending on your goals, experience, and income.

Just copy + paste the below prompt, answer the questions, and make any edits!

Pretend you are Warren Buffett, and are creating the best 15-year investment plan. Ask me a series of questions that will help you determine the best investment plan, and make it specific and detailed to me. Then when you have all of the information you need, present my plan in an actionable format. Here are your next steps: 
1. Quiz me by asking 10 total questions to gather information. This will include questions about my 15-year goal, my yearly income, my monthly expenses, my investment risk tolerance, my investment experience, tax information, and any other information you need. Do not create the plan until you have this information.
2. Once you have all the information you need, create a detailed and clear step-by-step plan including what type of investments I should make with their definition, tell me how much I should invest a month, where to reach out for help, and anything else you think is necessary. 

What do you want ChatGPT to help you with? Let us know in the poll below

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