Why Musk Killed Twitter

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  • Why Musk Killed Twitter

  • A.I Race Takes Unexpected Turn

  • $600K For A.I-Powered Brain Cells

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Why Musk Killed Twitter

The rumors are true, Twitter has fallen.

And in its place, we have X - Musks masterplan for an everything app powered by his new A.I company x.ai.

Think of it as a virtual supermarket where you can go to one app for everything I mean everything.

Banking, shopping, videos, job hunting, A.I services, etc..

Heres how the CEO of Twitter X describes it:

We knew this was coming back in October when Musk told us that buying Twitter was an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.

But after that announcement, we didnt hear anything for a few months

Then after Zuckerberg challenged Twitter with Threads, and Twitter lost over 50% of ad revenue in less than one year.

Musk saw it as the perfect opportunity for a switch-up.

Although a risky move, Musk has just secured his spot at the top of all A.I companies. How?

Right now new A.I tools are coming out every hour, each one making the previous one seem like old news.

But Musk has created a bridge to the A.I tools. So hes not competing with them anymore, hes working with them.

Weve already seen the idea of an everything app work with the Chinese app WeChat, which is now worth over $67 billion.

Plus, Tencent has started funding their A.I powered everything app as well.

Musk may be on to something here.

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A.I Race Takes Unexpected Turn

We are NOT in the same A.I Race as we were a month ago. Things are changing, and theyre changing fast. 

At first all we had were closed-source chats - chats that wont release the code they were built on.

Thats kinda like buying food from a store but not being able to see the label of ingredients.

But after reports that ChatGPT was being dumbed down so OpenAI could sell more subscriptions.

People are demanding chats become open-source so users know what theyre buying, and can use it to build their own products.

This week, their wishes were answered: Stability AI has released two new A.I chats both open-source, and both 100% free.

All open-source chats are still behind ChatGPT as far as capabilities go, but the gap is quickly closing.

This makes sense as open-source models grow faster as they have more people working on their code. Whereas with closed-source models, only the developer has access.

And its looking like FreeWilly 2 might be the first:

Now OpenAI is under more pressure to open-source ChatGPT so they stay ahead and keep their users.

Yet, OpenAI is still refusing to release ChatGPTs code - a choice that will soon cost them the lead.

What this means for you: The faster A.I becomes freely available for businesses, the more A.I will become a part of your life.

Think about it - how many times do you use the internet, Google, or even your cloud every day?

Itll be like that but on a larger scale.

$600K For A.I-Powered Brain Cells

I dont know what freaks me out more, Neuralink, or this

The Australian government has donated $600,000 to a group of scientists trying to merge human brain cells with A.I.

The research team is growing human brain cells in a lab, attaching them to a tool that analyzes the neural activity, then sending the data to an A.I software.

The goal: Teach A.I to learn like humans


Until a few years ago, Machines could not learn by themselves. That gets annoying when we try to use A.I in tools where the A.I needs to use common sense - like with self-driving cars.

Humans can see, learn, and apply. Whereas A.I can only do what we teach it to.

So by connecting the A.I to human brain cells, the A.I can learn how to teach itself like humans do.

And its working

In the first trial combining human brain cells and A.I, the A.I software learned how to play a game of Pong in 5 minutes all by itself.

A simple task, but it proved the concept that A.I can be trained to think and act like humans.

Obviously, this is a slippery slope. Once A.I can think and learn as fast as humans, thats the day AGI arrives.

AKA the A.I everyone is scared of.

A good thing for self-driving cars.. A bad thing if AGI doesnt like us.

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