White House Makes Deal With A.I Companies

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  • White House Makes Deal With A.I Companies

  • A.I Turns Sims into Reality

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White House Makes Deal With A.I Companies

A.I regulation is kinda like paying taxes

Everyone knows it needs to be done but were willing to wait till the very last second.


Governments are scared to make any A.I regulation moves in fear of stopping A.I innovation.

If tech companies are too scared to innovate, the country loses the A.I race.

(Both China and the EU had to make changes to their regulation laws because of this)

The U.S. has been stalling these last few months trying NOT to make a decision, but with pushback from other countries, they had to do something..

So what did the U.S. decide?

Theyre letting the top A.I companies agree on whats safe - Then using that to set the regulation outline for other A.I companies.

7 A.I companies met to decide on an A.I regulation agreement.

You can probably guess who joined: Amazon, OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Meta, Anthropic, and Inflection AI.

Heres a rough outline of what they came up with:

On the surface this sounds great - Less fake news and safer A.I models.

But I see two issues here:

#1 - The public was not involved in the decisions.

#2 - The new regulations make it harder for smaller companies to grow. These companies will have to fork out billions to redesign their algorithms and hire new people to stick to regulations. Billions that small tech companies just dont have.

Yesterday we talked about A.I companies trying to control major news outlets, then today theyre making cutting out competition

It looks like an A.I monopoly is forming.

Think about it.

A.I is a valuable resource, and every time a new resource pops up that everyone wants monopolies form.

Oil Rockefeller (1870 - 1911)

Diamonds De Beers (1888 - 2011)

Tobacco American Tobacco Company (1890 - 1911)

There was corruption, mass swaying of public opinion, and skyrocketing prices in each of these monopolies.

Can we afford to make that mistake with A.I?

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A.I Turns Sims into Reality

Some of you are going to love this. Some of you will absolutely hate it

But one things for sure

100% of you will say thats insane by the end of this.

Seriously, even Elon Musk thought so

(says a lot coming from him)

It all started when The Simulation owned by Fable (an entertainment company) recorded an entire South Park episode using generative A.I.

The South Park episode was a teaser to their tool that helps you recreate movies/ TV shows the way you want to.

Kinda like FanFiction, but instead you get to redo the entire movie.

Thinking this was cool, I dug a little deeper into The Simulation. Turns out their goal is not to stop here

(PS - This is where it gets crazy)

The Simulation is trying to create a reality TV for A.Is. What does that mean?

Theyre creating a virtual world where A.I models live like humans to reach AGI (an A.I that thinks like and is as smart as humans)

Or as they put it birth a new kind of life.

This will be like a bunch of ChatGPTs running around in a virtual world with families, jobs, and forming societies.

So kinda like Sims but 100x more advanced.

Heres why this is insane:

  • Most of the Simulants (the A.I bots) will mirror real people - most likely the person that owns it.

  • The Simulation wants to program the Simulants with a human psyche, and make them experience our everyday struggles. The goal is to teach AGI how to be a human and to have our best interests in mind. You know so it doesnt kill us all.

  • The Simulation wants this to give us a birds-eye view of human behavior. They plan to use the Simulations for research and law-making.

The Simulation will open its first exhibit in 2025.

You can read more about how to participate in The Simulations plans here.

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