New ChatGPT Update Is INSANE

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  • New ChatGPT Update Is INSANE

  • 儭 Why A.I Companies Are Trying To Control The News

  • Build Your Productivity Schedule With ChatGPT

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New ChatGPT Update Is INSANE

ChatGPT has released yet another update with the latest being the best update yet.

Earlier this month we saw Code Interpreter (which some think is a sneak-peak at GPT-5).

Then last week they upped the GPT-4 message cap to 50 every 3 hours.

Now this week we get Custom Instructions. You can now customize ChatGPT to know who you are across every chat AND have it respond the way you want it to.

General ChatGPT General answers

Custom ChatGPT Custom answers Better results

Were already seeing some cool uses with it, like Nick Dobos who figured out to recreate A.I agents like Baby AGI (a famous A.I agent)

Right now its only available to ChatGPT Plus Users, but OpenAI says theyll be rolling it out to free users by the end of the year.

To turn it on, go to:

Settings Beta features Opt into Custom instructions.

Here are a few tips for filling out your info:

  1. Ask ChatGPT to help you create your bio. List the top 3 reasons you use ChatGPT and how you want ChatGPT to help you. Then ask ChatGPT to create your Custom Instruction prompt

  2. If you use ChatGPT to write emails or content, submit a few of your works and ask ChatGPT to incorporate tone into your Custom Instructions.

  3. When you finish, ask ChatGPT to rewrite it for max clarity. Dont skip this one, it makes a BIG difference.

BTW - Custom Instructions is not available in the UK or EUdue to their new A.I regulation laws.

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儭 Why A.I Companies Are Trying To Control The News

Three of the top A.I companies are pitching their services to major news outlets like The NY Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

First Ill tell you whats happened, then Ill tell you why thats a problem.

Whats happened:

1st - Google is testing out their new tool named Genesis which scans the internet and writes news articles - Basically an A.I journalist.

2nd - OpenAI has donated $5 million worth of ChatGPT credit and other OpenAI tools to the American Journalism Project to help speed up and enhance local news reporting.

3rd - Microsoft is partnering with Journalism Hub to help writers use A.I data scrapers for research.

Now heres my question - Why do A.I companies want to be involved in major news outlets? Here are my top 3 guesses:

  • A lot of guaranteed money. News outlets arent going away and each has thousands of writers that will be using the A.I software. AKA more $$

  • Its powerful to be in control of the media. American Tobacco Company sold more tobacco by convincing the public tobacco was healthy via put thousands of media campaigns. De Beers ran thousands of photos with celebrities wearing diamonds to sell more diamonds. If you control the media, you make more sales.

  • Access to more data. Tech companies need data to grow their A.I models. The problem is theres none left they can legally use. So if they make a deal with news outlets, they will gain access to a lot of data that other companies wont have access to.

Why thats a problem: If tech giants are in control of how the media finds information and reports news, they can frame it in a way that benefits them.

Think about it. If tech companies dont like A.I regulation as it threatens their business, controlling what is pushed into the media is a great way to stop it from happening.

Build Your Productivity Schedule With ChatGPT

In the past, Ive used the prompt below to 10x my schedule, so I thought Id share the love. With this prompt, ChatGTP will rearrange your schedule for optimal productivity so you get more done, in less time.

Just copy + paste the below prompt, answer the questions, and make any edits!

Pretend you are the best productivity manager in the world. Create a schedule to optimize my productivity. I want you to ask me a series of questions that will help you determine the best schedule to complete all of my tasks in order of urgency. Present my schedule in an hourly chart form. 
Here are your next steps: 
1. Quiz me by asking 10 total questions one at a time to gather information. This will include questions about my work schedule, tasks and their urgency, meal times, any schedule disruptions, and anything else you think is necessary.  
2. Once you have all the information you need to make me the best productivity chart possible, create my schedule in an hourly chart format. Make sure to split up my tasks and include mental breaks for optimal productivity. 

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