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It’s Monday. Let’s start the week off hot 🌶:

  • 📉 ChatGPT Won’t Tell You This

  • 💰 Microsoft Makes $154B With A.I Update

  • 🚙 Tesla Builds Largest A.I Supercomputer… Ever

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📉 ChatGPT Won’t Tell You This

Reddit users are not happy with ChatGPT. Since March, neither are coders.

Now, no one is happy with ChatGPT.


Stanford has released a report after Reddit users complained that ‘ChatGPT is “getting dumber.’ As in becoming slower and not giving top-notch answers.

Here’s what Stanford discovered about ChatGPT:

  • The ability to understand math has dropped by 95%.

  • Coding skills have dropped by 42%

  • A steep drop in common sense and reasoning skills

  • ChatGPT has become “safer but less rational” 

It looks like OpenAI is slowing down ChatGPT. We’ve seen tech companies do this before…

In 2020, Apple was sued for $500 million for slowing down iPhone batteries to get customers to buy the new iPhone.

There Apple had something to gain - sell more iPhones.

Does OpenAI have something to gain by ‘dumbing down’ ChatGPT? Absolutely.

  • Sell more ChatGPT Plus subscriptions. The more users there are, the more ChatGPT power is shared. If OpenAI can make each account use slightly less power, they can sell more subscriptions. 

    Lower quality answers = Less computing power = Less money.

  • A.I companies are in an A.I chip crisis, so OpenAI may be penny-pinching until the drought is over.

For now, OpenAI is pulling the “It’s you, not me.” They swear nothing has changed but they’re “looking into it.”

But either way, we won’t know for sure as ChatGPT remains closed source (meaning we can’t take a look inside its code).

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💰 Microsoft Makes $154B With A.I Update

Microsoft has been on fire this month with A.I updates popping up everywhere with its latest sparking a $154 billion increase in market value.

Last week they integrated Meta’s new A.I chat “Llama 2”, then this week they dropped 3 updates. 

The first two we love, but the third…. not so much.

The first two are Bing Chat related and can be used today:

  • Bing Chat Enterprise - It’s Bing Chat for work BUT it won’t share your company secrets. What happens in Bing, stays in Bing.

  • Visual Search - Now you can upload an image of what you're looking for and Bing will find it for you. Sorta like the Google ‘Search with Image’ feature but 10x better.

Now for the not-so-great update….

Microsoft thinks Microsoft Copilot 365 (their A.I work assistant) is so awesome, they just can’t give it away for free. 

Microsoft will charge $30/month on top of the Microsoft software fees - making the tool 50% more than the average A.I tool.

Especially as Google’s AI Assistant in Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sheets is 100% free.

The difference: Microsoft Copilot gives you all the A.I tools in one platform.

Whereas with Google A.I assistant and other A.I assistants only offer help in one part of your day (note taking, zoom meetings, task automation, etc.)

🚙 Tesla Builds Largest A.I Supercomputer… Ever

If you’re a Tesla enthusiast, you’ve heard all about the 'Robotaxi’ - Musk’s dream for a taxi service completely run by self-driving cars. 

The dream was first announced in 2019, but little progress has been made as Tesla kept running into a big problem

To power the Robotaxis, Telsa needs more power than was possible for a computer to generate. Their solution?

Build the largest computer in the world and name it “Dojo”.

The first few attempts did not go well. One time it tripped the power grid in Palo Alto…

Then last week, Musk said they have tried again and are seeing positive results.

Why this is big: By building the largest A.I supercomputer, Musk has put himself in the top 5% of A.I leaders.

Here’s why:

Reason #1 - Part of Dojo’s job is to help train the car’s ‘neural nets’. It does this by watching hours of Tesla camera videos and explaining what’s happening in them. These videos will also be used to train Musk’s Open AI competitorx.AI

This means x.AI has access to a new and unique type of data set that no other A.I model will have access to.

Reason #2 - To power as big of a computer as Dojo, Tesla needed their own A.I chip.

A.I chips are the fuel behind the A.I boom. No A.I chip = No A.I tools

Right now A.I companies are falling one by one as A.I chip producers run out of chips….

But the few tech companies that make their own chips like Microsoft, Apple, Meta, aren’t at risk of collapsing from the shortages.

Now, Tesla is one of those few.

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