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Google Will Release ChatGPT Competitor "Sparrow"

Lets not sugar-code it: Googles getting murked by ChatGPT. Its like watching American Idol. Just as embarrassing but not quite as funny.

Now Google must watch from the sidelines as everyone fangirls over ChatGPT.

We certainly get it: Everyone prefers quick and easy.

But heres what you didnt know- Google already has its own ChatGPT called Sparrow.

To put it lightly, its like the Shaq of AI. Bigger than anything weve EVER seen before.

Heres why:

  • Its cheaper to use than ChatGPT

  • Fewer restrictions

  • Faster than any other AI chat

  • Has access to more information via Google

  • Beat GPT-3 in the common language test!!

Sparrow will literally change Google as we know it today.

Sparrow is set to be released later this year to a secret group of people (LMK if you find the application).

There are no current plans to release it to the public.

But why?! screams the angry crowd

Google says its because Sparrow has fewer restrictions than ChatGPT. Meaning it can be used to spread hate speech and uncapped lies.

So its kinda like a game of Jenga but with politics. When someone makes a wrong move it all comes tumbling down, taking Googles reputation with it.

Google also claims that it would cost too much money to use as of right now. This reason wont last forever though. A lot of smaller companies are making millions using AI.

And if we know Google they will never let a good opportunity go to waste.

So honestly its just a matter of time.

Making Money With ChatGPT Is DEAD - Here's Why

PSA- Using ChatGPT to do your work for you is a NO-GO!

Guys. They are catching onto our million-dollar weapon: using ChatGPT to do our work for us.

OpenAI is releasing a watermark on any ChatGPT text. In other words- your boss will know if what you write was actually written by you or OpenAI.

Freaking out yet?!

Heres their secret trap (the non-nerd version)

  • When humans talk they follow patterns.

  • ChatGPT uses these patterns to sound like humans. (AKA our million-dollar weapon)

  • Now OpenAI has created a new pattern for ChatGPT to use. This uses different: punctuation, words, and sentence lengths.

  • Fancy computers can see the difference in these patterns- Think of it as a secret code that only computers can read.

  • This data is put into systems that anyone can access- including offices and universities.

But never fear! Your sneaky little robot is here!

We did some searching and we have found a loophole.

OpenAI doesn't want humans to see a difference in ChatGPTs words. That would defeat the purpose of ChatGPT.

As Obi-Wan Kenobi once said Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them

This means that the pattern changes have to be small enough that a regular ol human wont notice (evil laughter in the distance)

Heres how:

  1. The fancy computers need at least a paragraph (20-ish words) of text to decide exactly who wrote it. This means that anything smaller than a paragraph is safe.

  2. Switch around a few sentences, words, and periods.

  3. Or just use the ChatGPT paragraph and rephrase it in your own human speech

We cant hate on the watermarks too much.

They are mainly to stop false information from being spread. Spreading fake news with AI tools like Dalle is a big concern. The plan is for social media platforms to find the watermarks and delete fake posts.

Watermarks might have some good after all, what do you think?

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Its been fun my fellow AI friends, but thats all we have for you today. See you next week!

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