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  • 汙 Robotics Get $9M Push

  • Investors Say NOT To Invest In A.I

  • Create A Website With A.I

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汙 Robotics Get $9M Push

Weve talked a little bit about Figure - the robotics company trying to replace the entire global workforce with humanoid robots.

Yes, you read that right. Figure wants every job in the world replaced by bots (even yours).

Last week a couple of investors took a peek into Figure and what theyre doing. By the end of the meeting, theyd invested over $9 million into the company.

Lets take a look at why.

In March 2023 figure showcased their first humanoid robot Figure 01.

A few weeks ago Figure 01 took its first steps - making Figure the fastest-growing robotics company.ever.

Now companies are flooding in on all sides trying to get in early while the company is still young.

The most recent: Intel investing $9 million to help fast-track the release of Figure 01.

Now the question is.. whats next?

Figure is a company of few words (we never know whats going on), but we do know they plan to release Figure 01 sometime in early 2024.

This would mark the first commercialized humanoid robot ready for work.

But with Intels hefty new investment, theyve hinted that timeline will be moved up by a few months.

Also, if youre into all things robotics, here are a few others to keep an eye sensor out for:

  • In Australia, NASA is testing its first humanoid robot Valkyrie for space missions.

  • The 1x robot EVE is now employed as the first humanoid security guard

  • A while back, Boston Dynamics showcased Atlas and its parkour moves (shown below)

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Investors Say NOT To Invest In A.I

Well folks, turns out the good ol days might be coming to an end as investors deliver some bad weather on the market horizon

Over the last few months, weve been on an A.I high with new updates coming our left and right as investors buy into any new A.I company they could find

But this week, investors like the CEO of Stability AI are singing a different tune, saying this may be the biggest bubble of all time.

Meaning they think too much money is going into A.I startups and soon, the market will crash as A.I fails to deliver on its promises.

Remember the Google Bard catastrophe? Before Bard was released investors were BEGGING Google to let them in on the deal.

Then when Bard tanked its presentation because it was released too early, investors took their money and ran - costing Google $100 Billion.

So kinda like that, but instead everyone loses money.

Now for the burning question: Is it true??


Back in the early 2000s we hit whats known as the bubble. This was when investors threw millions into internet startups. Then as more and more startups started to saturate the market the bubble popped.

Just like the bubble, the number of A.I companies is growing, and its growing fast. One investor predicts that 85% of A.I business will crash and burn within the next 3 years.


And right now A.I chat usage is sinking across the world

But heres my take: A.I is here, and its here to stay. Yes, well see a bubble but it wont hit us as hard as the bubble did. Why?

Compared to the bubble, A.I companies have better margins and have been growing at a steadier pace.

So if you ask me, tough times are a-comin, but weve seen worse.

Create A Website With A.I

We talk a lot about text-to-image or text'-to-video but weve been sleepin on one of the best A.I tools out there

Text-to-website. Its like Midjourney but instead of creating photos, it creates an entire website.

This week one of the top A.I website generators Wix has made some big moves worth knowing.

There were a lot of updates(Im talking 20+). Here are my top 5 in order:

  1. Auto-generated trailer. Turns video files into trailers. Submit a few product videos and it will create a movie-style trailer for your landing page. Whew no more imovie headaches.

  2. Creates custom domains - Wix will give a few catchy domain options that people can actually remember (although 4/10 times its not available but hey, you cant win them all)

  3. A.I Business Manager (coming soon) - Think Microsoft Copilot but for your website. Youll be able to ask things like customer engagement stats and new ideas.

  4. Multiple page and section creation (coming soon)- Right now Wix only creates landing pages. Soon, youll have a navigation bar up top to switch between pages.

  5. A.I image generator. Wix is using OpenAI products for in-house image creation.

Wix cant format the website for Google SEO, website speed, or optimize for engagement.

So if youre a website developer dont freak out - youre not out of business quite yet.

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