Elon Musk's A.I Secret

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Its Wednesday. Lets roll:

  • Inside Musk's A.I Company

  • Meta's 1st A.I Art Tool

  • 劾 China Rethinks A.I

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Inside Musk's A.I Company

Last Friday, Musk hopped on a Twitter Space Chat to answer a few questions about his new company xAI.

The call was 90 minutes and full of stuff about xAI, Tesla, and Twitter. So if you missed it, heres the SM spark-notes version:

#1 - Its confirmed, xAI will have an A.I chat. Musk wants the chat to not be politically correct and allowed to say the truth even if its controversial.

#2 - xAI will not directly compete with other A.I chats. xAI will focus more on deep scientific questions rather than consumer questions like making a meal plan.

#3 - xAI will be trained with data from Tesla drivers. Musk wants xAI to understand the physical world - not just the internet version of it. He didnt get into specifics but it sounds like hell use videos recorded by Tesla cars.

#4 - Yes, xAI will be trained on Twitter data for text, image, and video generation. Not surprising, but it does suggest that xAI will be multimodal.

#5 - For my Tesla fans out there, Musk says Tesla is building a supercomputer named Dojo to start building robotaxis(think Uber but with self-driving cars). Dojo will also be used to help power and train xAI.

Thats all we know for now, but as Musk drops more hints well keep you updated!

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Meta's 1st A.I Art Tool

If you havent noticed, A.I chats are out and A.I image generation tools are in.

Seriously, theres been a new one every week - and this week two!

Meta has released a new A.I art tool named CM3leon - pronounced like chameleon.

(I know - I thought the name was odd too)

Heres what we know:

  • Generates images from a prompt. Nothing too special.

  • You can alter specific aspects of an image. Say something like make the walls purple.

  • If you submit an image, you can ask it questions about whats in it. Pretty cool for people trying to learn another language. Midjourney can do this via the /describe prompt.

  • Place objects in specific places. Tell the tool what you want and where using coordinates. As far as I know, no other A.I image model can do this yet.

Since CM3leon is multimodal, Im hoping it will have better luck creating images with words and not looking like letter soup.

Now for the real question which A.I image generator is the best?

Well, Im glad you asked.

*Midjourney can create a prompt for any image you submit

If I were to rate them by the best features overall, I would say:

  1. Midjourney - Best image clarity

  2. CM3leon - More features

  3. DALL-E - Free $$

Now I have some bad news..

With the announcement, Meta said they have no plans to release CM3leon to the public.

None. Zero. Zilch. We dont know why.

I guess this means well have to wait for it on Meta platforms like Instagram and Facebook. How lame.

劾 China Rethinks A.I

Lately, China has been walking the tightrope between maintaining its censorship laws and wanting to win the A.I Race against the U.S.

(the more A.I content there is, the harder it is to regulate what it says)

In April China enforced strict A.I regulation laws with high penalty fines. Turns out this was not a good move as Chinese A.I innovation stopped practically overnight.

Now Chinas pulling a JK and released a second version of the regulations that are slightly more relaxed.

You know what they say Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Heres what to know:

  • ALL generative A.I companies must align with socialist views and cannot create content swaying people from socialism

  • Companiesmust catch andreport any A.I user creating anti-socialist content

  • All A.I algorithms that are used in public tools must be registered with the government

  • No fines were mentioned in 2nd draft

This is a big step for China as up until recently A.I companies were not allowed to release generative A.I tools like ChatGPT to the public - only businesses.

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