U.S Gov. Targets A.I Companies

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Happy Tuesday (I hope). Heres whats new:

  • ChatGPT Faces Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

  • 氣 Israel Uses A.I In Air Strike

  • $33 BILLION Invested In A.I Brain Chips

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ChatGPT Faces Billion-Dollar Lawsuit

Well folks, OpenAI has found itself in some hot water yet again, but this time it wont be so easy to get out of

Weve talked a lot about ChatGPT spinning up stories about people and making up fake info - or what seasoned techies call hallucinating.

Here are the 2 big ones:

  • ChatGPT accused Mark Walters (the CEO of Armed American Radio) of stealing $5 Million from a gun-rights nonprofit (and made up a few fake court cases as proof).

  • ChatGPT told a journalsit that an Australian mayor (Brian Hood) went to prison for a bribery scandal. The scandal was real, but Hood was not charged as he exposed the bribe instead of paying it. However, his political reputation took a hit.

See the problem here?

In response, theFTC sent ChatGPT a hefty 20-page letter demanding some answers and threatening an investigation.

The FTC is like the truth police for big companies - you don't want to mess with them.

Heres why:

  • In 2019, the FTC sued Facebook for $5 Billion for their vague privacy laws. At the time, it was the largest privacy violation fee EVER.

  • In 2014, the FTC sued AT&T for $105 Million for mobile cramming (charging customers for services they dont know theyre paying for).

  • Just a few months ago, the FTC sued Amazonfor $25 Million for accidentally storing records of childrens voices that used Alexa.

Now, the FTC is turning its attention to A.I companies saying Keep your A.I claims in check. I guess OpenAI is a good place to start as its the face of generative A.I.

Experts are estimating that these hallucinations will cost OpenAI Billions for defamation charges and collateral.

However, Sam Altman (The CEO of OpenAI) doesnt seem concerned.

氣 Israel Uses A.I In Air Strike

The name A.I Race has been given an entirely new meaning after the IDF dropped a bombshell on reporters in a press release earlier this week (no pun intended)

Israel admitted to using A.I in airstrikes and military planning against Iran.

Israel also claimed to use A.I for:

  • Border controlcameras that use A.I to identify people and objects

  • Fly drone swarms and launch rockets

  • To create Fire Factory - an A.I task manager that calculates ammunition loads, assigns tasks to aircraft and drones, and creates attack game plans

When we think A.I Race we think of A.I tech companies racing for the best A.I. Not between countries and their weapons(I think we were all afraid of that type of A.I race).

So far countries have kept their A.I military updates under wraps, but well learn more as governments work together to create international laws regarding A.I use in warfare.

$33 BILLION Invested In A.I Brain Chips

Brain implants are like your crazy in-laws. You either love them or hate them, but one things for sure

You cant ignore them.

A.I brain implants are curing conditions weve never been able to like paralysis and blindness. Take a look:

In the last few years, over $33 Billion has been invested into A.I brain implants, meaning were about to see a boom as we have with other A.I tech.

(Plus Elon Musk's Neuralink is set to start human trials soon AND is now backed by his new A.I company xAI.)

But lets not get ahead of ourselves here

This is still a tiny chip in your brain, and right now scientists are learning how to use the implants to read human thoughts and emotions.

AKA read your mind. Not so good.

Last Thursday, the UN held an international conference to create a game plan.

The UN doesnt want to stop the implants - they want to limit how much of your thoughts the A.I companies can access.

I find this veryyy interesting. Why?

In the age of technology, were in an endless tug-of-war between convenience and privacy.

Think about it - Most are ok with Google Maps knowing their location at all times as a trade for directions from anywhere.

Now imagine scientists tell you they can make you smarter or cure your depression if they can have access to your thoughts.

Im willing to bet most people would make that trade.

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