ChatGPT's "Backdoor" Deal

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  • NEW A.I Tool Challenges Midjourney

  • 井 OpenAIs Backdoor Deals

  • Google Update: Chat With Your Doc

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NEW A.I Tool Challenges Midjourney

Dont get me wrong, I love A.I image generators.

But if youve ever tried them you know it can be hard to explain what you want. Sometimes it would be easier to just draw it yourself.

Enter Stable Doodle - Stability AIs new A.I tool that turns your sketches into A.I images.

Heres how it works: Draw what you want Put in a prompt Voil

(I think this goes without saying, but my sketch is on the top left)

Prompt: Robot at a party in 3D

Think how useful this tool will be for things like interior design, book art, education, etc.

Take a look at this living room I designed:

Prompt: Living room with a green couch large windows

(Dont judge - theres a reason I prefer A.I art to drawing my own)

Now heres what Im wondering.. How will this impact the A.I art copyright statement passed in February?

The statement said that A.I art cannot be protected by copyright because A.I is creating the piece, not the user. Only human-made things may be protected.

But with Stable Doodle, artists have to draw the image first - adding a whole lot more humanness to the art.

However, dont forget that Stability AI (the owner of Stable Doodle) is in a $1.8 Trillion lawsuit for training with illegal images owned by Getty images.

Meaning that all the extra fluff in your Stable Doodle image likely breaks copyright rules.

Either way, Im sure this will come up as the U.S. continues to create A.I image copyright laws.

A.I takeover in comic style

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井 OpenAIs Backdoor Deals

Right now, A.I companies want one thing - data to train their A.I models. Why?

More Data = Better Answers = Better A.I Model

The problem is theres not enough data to go around. Since the demand is so high, companies are doing whatever it takes to find new data:

  • Google secretly changed their data privacy agreement to say anything on the internet is fair game to train Bard

  • Stability AI illegally trained with images owned by Getty Images. Now Getty Images is suing them for $1.8 Trillion.

  • OpenAI fell into some trouble trying to steal data from Reddit and Twitter. Now Reddit charges companies to use their data, and Musk placed Tweet caps.

Simply put, training data is like the new oil - and no one wants to give it away for free. So OpenAI decided to try a different method

OpenAI approached 2 companies, pulling the ol if you scratch my back, Ill scratch yours.

Deal #1 - OpenAI partners with Associated Press.

AP is a global news outlet with over 4 billion readers/ viewers.

The deal is OpenAI gets access to all of APs records since 1985, and AP gets 1st access to OpenAI tools and mentorships. Thats a lot of data.

Hopefully, this means ChatGPT will become more up-to-date as its last info update was in 2021.

Deal #2 - OpenAI signs a 6-year deal with Shutterstock.

Shutterstock is a company that sells stock photos. In this deal, OpenAI can train with Shutterstocks 430 million photos, video, and music collection.

In return, Shutterstock can use OpenAI tools to help users create their own images.

Im guessing OpenAI will use this data to improve DALL-E - OpenAIs image generator thats falling behind other generators.

(Kudos to OpenAI partnering BEFORE training with protected images)

The bigger picture: The A.I Race is changing. It used to be all about which A.I model could do the coolest stuff.

Now its all about what your A.I model knows and how truthful it is.

NEW Google Update: Chat With Your Doc

Since January Google has been going through their own A.I revolution with new A.I updates coming out on the daily.

In the last week, Bard learned to speak in 40 different languages and users can now save and share their Bard chats.

(TBH it sounds a lot like an OpenAI copycat but hey夷f it works, it works.)

Googles latest A.I announcement is NotebookLM - a tool that allows you to chat with your data on Google platforms.

  • Write and summarize notes in Google Docs. It can also add outside context with links.

  • Help you chat with all of your docs at once. Think of NotebookLM as a personal ChatGPT for your notes.

NotebookLM is now available via a waitlist which you can join HERE

Just for something to look forward to, here are a few Google A.I updates in the pipeline:

As always, well keep you updated as new updates roll out!

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