Musk's New A.I Company

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  • Musks New A.I Company

  • Shopify Brings A.I To Ecom

  • 儭 Companies Battle Over Untapped A.I Market

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Musks New A.I Company

Its official - Musk has launched his OpenAI competitor and in typical Musk style hes got everyone saying one thing


Lets start from the beginning.

Back in March, Musk was seen trolling OpenAI for not being as open and truthful about their plans for A.I.

(Fun fact - Once upon a time Musk was a co-founder of OpenAI but exited after Tesla conflicts.)

Then in April, he told us he was working on TruthGPT - an A.I chatbot with heavy regulation and no bias. AKA what he believes OpenAI failed to do.

After that, everything was quiet for a few months.then out of the blue Musk launched xAI(his OpenAI competitor).

But theres one problem.. no one knows what xAI does.

Musk said, The goal of xAI is to understand the true nature of the universe. There was no mention of TruthGPT on the website.

Hence the WTF?

Heres what we DO know:

  • xAI will be heavy in research and A.I innovation. Theyve got a top-notch research team with members from OpenAI, Tesla, and Google.

  • xAI will train with Twitter data. Right now companies want as much data as they can get - and Twitter has over 400 million accounts. Musk has banned public access to the data, meaning xAI will have an untapped data set.

Now, for the question of the day should OpenAI be scared?

For the first time in a while. YES.

Remember, this is Elon Musk were dealing with here. Hes worth an estimated $242.8 Billion, owns the largest producer of electric cars, and shoots rockets into space. His name means something.

Dont forget the time he sold 30,000 bottles in less than 48 hours of his Burnt Hair Perfume which he described as the essence of repugnant desire.

People will use his products simply because his name is on it. Plus, Musk has more resources than OpenAI.

Thats all we know so far, but if youre like us and you have questions, xAI is hosting a Twitter space discussion today which you can access HERE.

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Shopify Brings A.I To Ecom

A lot of our readers are interested in e-commerce, so if that includes you

Youll like whats coming your way.

Shopify (the largest e-commerce platform) is adding an A.I Sidekick to every Shopify store.

Heres the announcement:

Whoever was in charge of picking the name, deserves a raise. Sidekick is the best name ever.

You can play hero while having an all-knowing business assistant thats available 24/7.

Not even Chick-Fil-A customer service can match that.

Sidekick will:

  • Finish tasks like adding products to your store page or marking everything on sale.

  • Business consulting. You can ask the chat for insight on why your sales are down or for new product ideas.

  • Redesign your store pages based on economic trends.

No official release date has been set, this is very much a sneak peak as it has yet to be introduced to most Shopify users.

Well keep you posted as more updates roll out.

儭 Companies Battle Over Untapped A.I Market

News dropped that Google has secretly been dipping its toes in the digital health field with its new A.I tool Med-PaLM 2.

Med-PaLM 2 is like a doctor version of the Google chat Bard.

Mayo Clinic is already using Med-PaLM 2 to answer medical questions and explain medical papers/ data to patients.

Apparently, clients are happier with Med-PaLM 2 than they are with doctors.

From Med-PaLM 2 presentation

In 2022, the global digital health market was estimated at $262.63 Billion, making this niche a GOLDMINE for tech companies. if they can get their hands on it.

A.I companies accessing health records is a touchy subject, but after Covid and the A.I boom - the benefits are outweighing the costs.

Now the question is which tech giant can monopolize the untapped market the fastest.

  • Google has a head start with Med-PaLM 2, which it needed as Bard struggles to keep up in the A.I Race.

  • Microsoft has partnered with Epic to create a cloud space for digital healthcare records. Theyre also using A.I to autofill health records and catch misdiagnoses.

  • Amazonis pushing AWS For Health which is primarily a collaboration platform between healthcare professionals and patients.

The Concern: A.I is concentrated in the hands of a few companies (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Google). So the more A.I is involved in your life, the more private information you lose to these companies.

That can become a problem later down the line with identity theft, the selling of data, and fraud.

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