ChatGPT-5 Secretly Revealed

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  • ChatGPT-5 Secretly Revealed

  • Bing Predicts Stock Prices

  • What Happened On The OpenAI World Tour?

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ChatGPT-5 Secretly Revealed

Hold up yall, the updates are still rollin in

OpenAI has released a new ChatGPT Plugin called Code Interpreter.

(Dont let the boring name fool you - It does some pretty cool stuff)

First, you need to upload a file of your data. Then you can ask ChatGPT to:

  • Create custom QR codes.

  • Analyze and condense your data into charts.

  • Debug your code

Code Interpreter can collect data from images and videos (Is this a sneak peek at GPT-5??)

TBH this came at the PERFECT time. A few weeks ago I sent out a survey to get to know a little about you and other readers

So I asked ChatGPT to create a chart breaking down your ages. Take a look:

Code Interpreter is in beta testing, so these features only scratch the surface of what the plugin can do.

However, you can combine the plugin with other ChatGPT plugins to create some pretty cool visuals. Like this user who mapped out the lighthouse locations in the U.S:

By @emollick | Twitter

Pretty sick.

Code Interpreter is only available to ChatGPT Plus users. To use the plugin, make sure to turn on the Code Interpreter toggle in your settings.

The bigger picture:In 2022, over 93,471 Data Analysts were employed in the U.S. - 65% of which have 4+ years of college education.

Now ChatGPT threatens all of their jobs AND learned to do what they do 1000x faster in under 1 year.

But Ive said it before and Ill say it again, this ChatGPT is just a tool. It will only replace the analyst that refuses to use it.

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Bing Predicts Stock Prices

Guys, the A.I update weve been asking for is FINALLY here

Microsoft plans to release aBing A.I chat update that will predict stock prices.


Bing will give predictions on option pricing - AKA guessing if a stock will be above or below a set price in the future.

So if Bing predicts that a stock has an 80% chance of pricing above $100 in 8 hours - investors may choose to buy. Whereas if Bing predicts a 20% chance investors may choose to wait it out.

Keep in mind, this is not the first tool used to predict stock prices. There are thousands of methods, algorithms, etc for investing

But with A.I, we can combine the top methods/ algorithms into 1 and run them against 10x more data.

See the difference?

Here are a few more reasons why A.I for investing will be bad*ss (and not so bad*ss)

Microsoft says the update should be here by the end of this year, and when it hits it will put Bing lightyears ahead of other A.I chats.

Will it be accurate? I think so.

A recent study used 2021 - 2022 headlines to test ChatGPTs ability to predict stock prices (For you newbies out there, ChatGPT and Bing A.I Chat use the same A.I model - GPT-4).

The result?

ChatGPT showed statistically significant predictive power on daily stock market returns and outperformed traditional sentiment analysis methods.

Im excited to say the least.

P.S. - If youre into crypto, a similar study asked Bard to predict the top 3 meme coins for 2023. Click HERE to read more!

What Happened On The OpenAI World Tour?

Earlier this month Sam Altman (the CEO of OpenAI) finished his famous world tour over 6 continents to talk about all things A.I.

Then last week, Altman released a report sharing what he learned and whats next for OpenAI.

IMO it was a lot of the same stuff weve been talking about like the fear of misinformation and the mix of ChatGPT and politics

But, there were a few cool lil nuggets of info:

  • France is using ChatGPT to help customers grocery shop remotely. The country has a large elderly population, so a tool that helps them shop from home is a big W.

  • High school students in Nigeria areusing ChatGPT as a tutor to compensate for high student-to-teacher ratios.

So.. whats next for ChatGPT and what does that mean for you?

  • Prices will stay low. From day 1 OpenAI has made it their goal to make ChatGPT available to as many people as possible.

  • New updates will improve ChatGPTs language skills.

  • A.I will start to impact and improve every aspect of your life. OpenAI wants to make A.I a given for everyone, everywhere. Kinda like how a building having wifi or electricity is assumed.

Its hard to believe but one-day ChatGPT and A.I wont be a big deal anymore...

It will become a part of life just like all new tech does圯lectricity, smartphones, electric stoves, faucet water, etc.

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