Unknown A.I Startup Raises $4B

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  • Unknown A.I Startup Raises $4B

  • Crypto Miners Plan To Decentralize A.I

  • China Finds Shortcut In A.I Race

  • Friday Fact

Unknown A.I Startup Raises $4B

Last week Inflection A.I secured the 4th largest A.I funding round EVER for $1.3 Billion. Some of the top investors were NVIDIA, Microsoft, Bill Gates, and the former CEO of Google.

Inflection AI is the company that owns Chatbot Pi - basically a therapist version of ChatGPT.

Since the company first opened its doors 1 year ago, it has raised over $4 Billion in funding.

Inflection AI plans to use the $1.3 Billion to create the largest GPU cluster for AI applications in the world.

For my non-tech friends out there, that would be like owning the only electric car company in the world while everyone else runs on gas.

A pretty big goal to say the least.

Top 2 key takeaways:

#1 - This could be the start of using A.I for psychological support. Chatbot Pi is purely conversational - it does not write papers or research.

Character AI tested something similar with a chatbot that functioned as a registered psychologist giving therapy to users.

Is there a new A.I chat market on the rise?

Via Reddit

#2 - Microsoft is now one of the major investors in Inflection AI. As far as A.I goes, most associate Microsoft with OpenAI as they invested over $10 Billion into the company last year.

I wonder if this new investment has anything to do with the growing tensions between the two companies as OpenAI plans to create 2 big Microsoft competitors - an OpenAI marketplace and A.I assistant.

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Crypto Miners Plan To Decentralize A.I

Ok, try and stick with me through this one it gets a bit bumpy.

Crypto mining (when crypto nerds solve math problems to create new coins) is coming to A.I.

Miners are repurposing their tools to help develop A.I tech for small companies, A.I startups, and universities.

As a result, theyre quickly becoming enemy #1 to tech giants like OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft.

Why? Because right now tech companies have a monopoly on A.I tech.

But Crypto could offer a world of decentralized computing. Meaning A.I tech power would be spread out between millions of developers.

Imagine you are the only store that sells water in your town. Then one day a stream forms nearby and everyone goes there for water instead of paying you.

Its like that but for A.I.

Is this a good thing? Here are my thoughts:

In 2021, over $138.9 Million was made by mining crypto. Imagine what will happen when all of this energy is turned toward A.I.

We have just entered a whole new ball game.

咀hina Finds Shortcut In A.I Race

Some big things are happening in the A.I Race between the U.S and China that you should know about.

Countries have one goal right now - to get as many chips as possible.

What are A.I chips? If the A.I Race is a car, then the chips are the fuel.

China has control over the 2 main minerals needed to make A.I chips. But last Monday, China stopped all exports of the 2 minerals.

With A.I chips already disappearing faster than my quarterly bonus after ChristmasThis is no bueno.

To punch back the U.S. planned to stop the shipment of advanced A.I chips to China, but there was something they found out.

Chinese A.I developers have found a loophole.

With cloud computing services like AWS and Microsoft Azure, developers can access the top-of-the-line A.I chips made in the U.S. for practically free.

This means the U.S. has been handholding China in the A.I Race as they could use any advanced A.I chip available.

After this discovery, Biden plans to cut China off completely from these cloud services ASAP. But both Amazon and Microsoft will take a big hit as this will cost them over $10 Million each per year.

Friday Fact

For the first time EVER, ChatGPT has decreased in monthly users

Via Twitter @SimilarWeb

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