ChatGPT Replaces Harvard Professors?

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  • ChatGPT Replaces Harvard Professors?

  • 劾 Is Chinas A.I Smarter Than ChatGPT?

  • New A.I Update: How to Use A.I In Google Sheets

  • Tuesday Tools

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ChatGPT Replaces Harvard Professors?

A.I in schools has been a problem from the start as teachers try to stop students from using ChatGPT to do their homework

But Harvards taking the f*ck it approach and hired ChatGPT as a coding professor tohelp students edit their code, and grade assignments.

This is a bold move as the education system (and paying parents) are not totally on board with A.I

But in Harvard's mind, students will have access to ChatGPT in their career so they should learn to use ChatGPT as a tool.

(We all couldve used this thinking with calculators in pre-calc)

Harvard says this is the first step in their master plan to have a 1:1 student-teacher ratio. But I think it goes deeper than that

Universites know A.I has the potential to wipe out the significance of college education altogether.

Think about it, if ChatGPT:

  • Give us an expert-level answer in seconds, whats the need to learn from experts?

  • Can teach us anything at college-level standards, why pay thousands for tuition?

Harvard is trying to prove that A.I should be used WITH education - not against it.

If people start to see them as a package deal, they just might have a shot at sticking around through the A.I revolution.

But no matter what, the traditional structure of every education system will have to change.

The IKEA Instructions for Investing

Assembling IKEA tables got you feelin like the Steph Curry of furniture?

The Average Joe will turn you into the Marie Kondo of investing. Organized, calm, and ready to conquer the markets.

Their newsletters are the IKEA instructions for investing short, simple and concise filled with market trends and insights.

But you dont read IKEA manuals on your spare time and you wouldnt read financial publications for fun. Until now

劾 Is Chinas A.I Smarter Than ChatGPT?

Back in February, we talked about China releasing their ChatGPT rival Ernie.

Last week, Baidu released a report showcasing all of Ernies new updates and claimed that Ernie outperformed ChatGPT.

Everyone was freaking out about it - So, we decided to do some investigating ourselves.

First off, Ernie received 2 updates worth knowing:

  1. New Ernie (Ernie 3.5) is faster than the old Ernie 3.0. Ernie 3.5 is faster at reading, writing, and comprehension.

  2. Ernie 3.5 uses plugins. These are just like ChatGPT Plugins. Ernie 3.5 use 2 types: One helps browse the internet and the other summarizes data. This was the first as ChatGPT has 500+ plugins.

Second, the report says Erine 3.5 outperformed ChatGPT in comprehensive ability scores and Chinese language capabilities.

This seemed very odd to us as Ernie 3.5 seemed to be behind ChatGPT in every way

So we did some digging and ran into a big problem - All reports were in Chinese.

But after a while, we finally landed on a report in English. Turns out, Ernie beat ChatGPT on only 1 test - a college-entry exam written in Chinese.

But heres what the other reports left out.ChatGPT beat Ernie on the same test college-entry exam written in English.

No further testing was done comparing their language capabilities, but ChatGPT beat Ernie on every other exam testing IQ, awareness, and problem-solving.

So no need to freak out my friends - Myth Debunked.

New A.I Update: How to Use A.I In Google Sheets

Right now Google is in the process of adding A.I to all of their platforms. Weve already seen A.I updates in Google Docs, Slides, and Search.

Up next: Google Sheets.

Google is adding a Help me organize feature. Its like Midjourney but for spreadsheets.

Ex - If you type in plan a solo trip for me to Iceland for 7 days that includes hiking, it will look something like this:

Google is slowly releasing this feature out via waitlist - you can hop in line HERE

But since we hate waiting (were assuming you do too) here are a 2 A.I substitute while you wait:

(BTW we make $0 from showing you these tools - We just like them and wanted to share the love!)

#1 - Coefficient. This is like if ChatGPT and Google Sheets had a baby.

Our favorite feature: Autofill data from the internet into your chart.

You can also prompt it to create lists, translate data, and finish your code.

#2 - Flowshot. IMO this is Googles best-kept secret when it comes to Google Sheet A.I tools. This tool helps you train A.I bots within Sheets.

Our favorite feature: Train an A.I bot to automate your tasks.

All you have to do is show it the task, and hit yes when it does something right or No when it does something wrong.

Let us know which one you like the best in the polls at the end!

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Tuesday Tools

Its Tuesday!!

These are the top 3 tools weve found this week and giving them a Synthetic Mind Score based on ease of use, pricing, value, and ratings.

Tool #1 - Swipefy for Spotify. Its like Tinder but for Music - swipe left on boring songs and right on good ones to find hidden gems.

SM Score: 10/10 (it integrates with your Spotify account!)

Tool #2 - Arlo. An alarm clock that uses A.I voices. You can choose to have Morgan Freeman wake you up lol.

SM Score: 9/10

Tool #3 - Stashit. Email and PDF organizer for your digital space. Anytime you need to find an email or file, search for it within Stashit using keywords.

SM Score: 7/10 (Monthly subscription + cant store some file types)

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