What OpenAI Is Trying To Hide

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  • 井 What OpenAI Is Trying To Hide

  • 5 ChatGPT Prompts To Start An Online Store

  • Zuckerberg Loses Over 33% of Researchers

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井 What OpenAI Is Trying To Hide

Ive just found out a BIG secret about OpenAI

But if I tell you

This stays between us.

OpenAI is planning something and weve just found out what.

About a month ago a YouTube video was posted exposing Sam Altmans (the CEO of OpenAI) plans for OpenAI.

But a few days later the video was taken down for containing sensitive information - information they did not want getting out.

Altman told a few private investors his plans to create a smart personal assistant for work.

It would learn about you and your work habits, then take over the small things like responding to emails and data entry.

So.why is this being kept on the down low?

An OpenAI personal work assistant would be a direct competitor to Microsoft 365 - one of their biggest investors.

Whats worse?

This is coming out right after Altman mentioned his plan to create an OpenAI marketplace that will also directly compete with Microsoft (If you missed this, click here to read more)

But as I said 2 weeks ago, it would be a fatal mistake for OpenAI to go head-to-head with Microsoft. Especially when targeting the workplace.

Right now, ChatGPT is getting a lot of hate in the workplace due to privacy concerns. Companies want employees to use ChatGPT, but not to trust it with company data.

But over 70% of companies in the U.S use Microsoft in their daily systems.

Plus, OpenAI does not have the resources(time, $, and employees) to launch a product this big and try to outcompete Microsoft at the same time.

5 ChatGPT Prompts To Start An Online Store

Weve had a few readers ask us how to use A.I to start their online store. So last weekend we took a deep dive into finding out how online sellers use ChatGPT to make $$.

Turns out, ChatGPT can be used to:

  • Research Products using thousands of data points to find the best-sellers

  • Give store website tips based on other sites that have made a lot of sales

  • Find a marketing strategy that has performed well for a product in a specific niche

So, we created a guide of 5 ChatGPT prompts to help you create an online store. Well start at the very beginning with finding a product all the way through your marketing strategy.

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Zuckerberg Loses Over 33% of Researchers

At the beginning of the A.I boom, Zuckerberg declared Metas Year Of Efficiency.

That meant cuts in every area including jobs, spending budgets, and projects.

In one month, Zuck let go of 11,000 employees

But despite the cuts, Zuck is still going pedal to the metal with his A.I plans for Meta platforms and the Metaverse.

But not for long

A survey asking Meta employees about their experiences within Meta over the last year did not give promising results

  • Meta lost 33% of its researchers due to a loss of faith in Metas success and burnout from overworking.

  • 74% said they dont agree with the companys leadership

  • 57% said they feel undervalued and overworked

Without a strong team, Zuck will have trouble keeping the lead in the A.I race against other platforms Twitter and Snapchat.

Especially as Snapchat is hiring 14,000 more employees, and Musk plans to start growing his team again this year.

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