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  • Adobe Will Cover Your A.I Lawsuit

  • 儭 DeepMind Challenges ChatGPT To A.I Chat War

  • 儭 New A.I Tech Giant Coming Soon

  • Fact Friday

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Adobe Will Cover Your A.I Lawsuit

Right now, A.I companies are eyebrow-deep in lawsuits. Especially when it comes to A.I image generation.

In fact, the largest lawsuit EVER ($1.8 Trillion) is over A.I art models training with copyright-protected images.

Heres why:

(The top is the copyright image fed to the A.I image tool. The bottom is what the A.I tool created)

By: Carlini et al., 2023

A.I models can only create content based on whats fed to them. So if its fed a bunch of copyright-protected images, it will generate variations of them.

Because of these hefty lawsuits, businesses are scared to use A.I image tools. As a result A.I image generators are hurting.

Well, all except one: Adobe Firefly, an A.I text-to-image generator and editor.

Adobe has announced a new indemnity clause, claiming they if their users are sued for copyright infringement, Adobe will cover ALL legal fees.

Everyone thought they were insane - every lawsuit?!

But Adobe has a trick up their sleeve. Theyre confident no users will be sued for using copyrighted images.


Back when they were training their A.I model they saw this problem coming. So, they trained their generator on Adobe-owned images only.

Meaning Firefly can only generate images owned by Adobe.


(Something OpenAI, Stability AI, and basically every other A.I model DID NOT do)

I hope this becomes a trend - A.I models taking responsibility for their content would be a big step towards controlling deepfakes and other ways people misuse A.I.

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儭 DeepMind Challenges ChatGPT To A.I Chat War

ChatGPT is the top dog when comes to A.I chats, and everyone wants a piece of it. Google more so than most.

First, Google created an A.I chat Bard to rival ChatGPT, but that turned out to be an epic fail.

Now DeepMind (Googles A.I lab) is creating a new A.I chatbot named Gemini that they claim will be more advanced than ChatGPT.

Oh, weve heard that one before.

I have to give DeepMind props - its a bold claim to make.

Heres what we know about Gemini:

  • It will use a similar LLM as GPT-4 (ChatGPT). This means Gemini will have the same intelligence level as ChatGPT.

  • Gemini will specialize in planning and problem-solving.

  • It costs the same to make as ChatGPT. Thats about $200+ Million.

The big highlight for Gemini is that DeepMind will use the same tech used to run AlphaGO.

Back in 2016, DeepMind created AlphaGO - the FIRST A.I to beat a champion player in a game called Go. (It was such a big deal they made a Netflix movie about it)

DeepMind plans to combine the A.I used to beat the Go champion and the same language skills OpenAI has.

AlphaGo + ChatGPT style language skills = Dangerous competition.

But my moneys still on OpenAI as they have more users than any other chatbot. Especially if they follow through on their A.I marketplace plans.

PS - We found a free Google course that teaches you how to build your own A.I-style ChatGPT. You can access the course HERE!

儭 New A.I Tech Giant Coming Soon

Theres a new tech company to look out for as they slowly rise in rank on the A.I totem poll.

Snowflake (a massive data cloud company) has turned their focus towards bringing the power of generative AI to data.

And they werent playing around

Snowflakes first move was acquiring Neeva and Streamlit. Now Snowflake users can build web apps and use A.I powered search using their data.

But just like every other A.I company, Snowflake had no A.I chips to run their models.

So, Snowflake went in for the kill and partnered with NVIDIA - the largest A.I chip producer in the world.

What a power move.

Snowflake has just become the #1 place to be for A.I developers as they have 1st access to A.I chips and can easily create A.I models within one platform.

Right now Snowflake is kicking ass and taking names, but it will be an uphill battle as they compete with similar companies like Microsoft Azure and AWS (who just announced theyre ALSO creating an A.I marketplace).

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Fact Friday

A study by The Verge polled 2,000 people asking them their thoughts on A.I.

When asked how the main ways they use A.I, heres how it broke down:

**They could choose multiple answers at once

Answer to yesterdays trivia question: 31% of A.I users use A.I to make music!

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