How A.I Will Be Used In The 2024 Election

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  • How A.I Will Be Used In 2024 Elections

  • New A.I Tool: Text-to-Video Game

  • New ChatGPT Study Reveals Cool Insights

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How A.I Will Be Used In 2024 Elections

We knew it would come one day

We pushed it off for months, saving it for another time

But we cant ignore it anymore. Its here, and its here to stay

All over the world, politicians are using A.I in their campaigns and its getting nasty.

At first, A.I was used for small things like in New Zealand, where a political party posted an A.I generated a photo of a few men robbing a jewelry store

But slowly, both politicians and voters are starting to use A.I in other ways

Like a few months ago when a fake Twitter news account cloned a Chicago politicians voice to make him sound like he supported police brutality.


There are 2 big concerns when it comes to using A.I in politics:

  • Voters cant trust what they see and hear.

  • Its hard to catch deepfakes before they go viral. By then most of the damage is done and finding where it came from is almost impossible.

Like this deepfake of Trump telling a story about a reindeer rich received over 1.4 Million views on YouTube.

*This is not real

If I didnt know better I wouldve thought it was him.

But heres the thing - weve seen this before.

When social media hit the political scene, everyone was freaking out about how it would impact politics. Here are a few headlines to compare:

Did social media impact politics? Absolutely.

But weve adapted and elections have continued. Politics with A.I will be no different.

Plus, there are some upsides to politicians using A.I:

  • Lowers campaign cost. One political party saved thousands using A.I to write their donation ads. A.I not only created the content faster but also received higher donations.

  • Using Political Bots to scan articles for misinformation about their campaign. If something is wrong or misleading, they can find it asap and ask for it to be taken down.

  • Including A.I chatbots on their website to answer voter questions.

The truth is, as politicians start using A.I to boost their campaigns, all politicians will have to hop on the A.I wave or risk falling behind.

New A.I Tool: Text-to-Video Game

First, we saw text-to-image.

Then we met text-to-video.

Now were being introduced to text-to-video game. No seriously, take a look.

Unity (one of the biggest video game platforms) is bringing A.I to the gaming scene by allowing gamers to build their own video game from prompts.

Theyve announced 2 new tools:

  1. Unity Muse. With this tool, gamers can prompt for anything they want like character movements (shown above) and new landscapes (shown below).

  2. Unity Sentis. This tool is more behind the scenes.It lets you use other A.I models inside your game and lets you use it on any device you want.

These tools are game changers (see what I did there ). Gamers can now create any game they want, and customize their favorites.

Whats next?Text-to-hologram?

Unity is starting to roll these tools out in beta testing. Sign up to be the first to try them HERE

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New ChatGPT Study Reveals Cool Insights

A new A.I research study released some pretty cool insights on how much more productive you can be when using ChatGPT at work.

They tested 444 people and told them to write 2 business documents they would usually write at work. These were things like product descriptions, reports, and articles.

Everyone wrote their 1st document without A.I, then half of the participants wrote their second with A.I.

They found the ChatGPT users:

  • Reduced their skill inequalities by over 96%. The researchers compared the first doc to the second and found that ChatGPT fixed most skill inequalities like grammar mistakes, sentence clarity, and overall insight.

  • Would be able to write 59% MORE documents in a working day than people who do not use ChatGPT. So if you write 3 business docs a day that take 27 minutes on average, you could save 4hrs and 55 min every week.

The biggest advantage was how the users spent their time differently:

Since the ChatGPT group could spend the most time polishing their document, the quality was on average 10% better than the group not using ChatGPT.

As they say A.I wont take your job, but someone using A.I will.

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