What You Missed In The Musk VS Zuck Fight

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  • What You Missed In The Musk VS Zuck Fight

  • Top 5 A.I Tools For Students

  • Googles NEW Robot: RobotCat

  • Tuesday Tools

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What You Missed In The Musk VS Zuck Fight

Unless youve been living under a rock you probably know about Elon Musk challenging Mark Zuckerberg to a cage fight

Soon after his tweet, Zuckerberg posted on his Instagram story asking for the time and place

Screenshot by The Verge

Musk then responded with Vegas Octagon.

Heres how it all started (and the REAL reason behind the fight)

Musk and Zuckerberg have been fighting in the same social media A.I Race, each trying to have the best A.I features to get ahead.

Heres our A.I social media scoreboard from a few weeks ago:

Musk is far behind Zuckerberg in A.I updates

So when Musk saw that Zuckerberg was copying him by creating a Twitter-copy cat named Barcelona which will be decked out in A.I features.

Musk was not happy.

Musk knows that if Zuckerberg were to launch Barcelona, Zuckerberg would have a good shot at winning.

Twitter has 400 Million followers - a small number compared to Metas 3.74 Billion. Meta only needs 10% of their users to download Barcelona to beat Twitter.

So maybe Musk challenged Zuckerberg to a cage fight to get back at him.

Now the big question is who will win?

To decide the winner, there are a lot of things to consider here. So we made a chart comparing the two fighters for you:

Sorry Musk, you might be in over your head on this one

Top 5 A.I Tools For Students

We ran a poll a few weeks ago to learn a little more about you guys (our readers), and we found out that a lot of you are students.

So we did some research on students using A.I and we found some interesting stats

A study of 1,000 college students showed that:

  • 1 in 5 college students use A.I to do at least half of their homework

  • 60% of college students believe A.I will be doing ALL of their work for them in the future

  • 43% of college students use A.I for non-homework related tasks like personal projects and planning.

Were not saying you should use ChatGPT to do all of your homework, BUT you should use A.I to help with other things like planning, research, and note-taking.

We put together a list of the 5 most used A.I tool for students and how to use them. Just click the Access Here button below!

Googles NEW Robot: RobotCat

Ever since A.I started popping up in the news, Ive been waiting to hear one thing

Where to buy an A.I house assistant that can cook, clean, and do everything else that dont want to do.

Today, I got suuuper close.

DeepMind (a Google-owned company) has just released its research on a new robot named RoboCat.

(I agree. I thought it was an odd name too)

Heres RoboCat learning to pick up shapes:

RoboCat is the first robot EVER to be able to solve and adapt to multiple tasks and does so using different, real-world robots

In non-techy terms, this means that Google now has a robot that can learn on its own and teach other robots how to do the same.

Whats crazier? Robotcat creates its own training data to complete tasks faster.

(Kinda like creating math problems for yourself for practice)

So, whats the big deal?

Researchers are getting closer to a general A.I robotic assistant, as opposed to a specific assistant. This is the difference between your Roomba that only knows how to vacuum vs a robot that can see dirty dishes or a wet floor and take care of it for you.

The bigger picture? Every field will feel its impact.

Think of how helpful assistant robots will be for taking care of contagious patients, janitorial services, drivers, babysitting, and any other field you can think of.

So, our A.I house robots are (FINALLY) on their way.

Have a business or something you want to promote in front of 50,000+ readers?

Click the button below to apply now!

Tuesday Tools

Alright yall, its Tuesday!

Were sharing 3 new A.I tools we found this week and giving them a Synthetic Mind Score based on ease of use, pricing, value, and ratings.

#1 - ChatFast. Talk with your content by using this tool to create a chatbot trained on your data.

SM Score: 7/10

#2 - MonAI. Track your expenses with A.I by voicing what you bought, then get a weekly spending report.

SM Score: 10/10 (Its free!!)

#3 - Prompt Perfect. TBH theres no point in using ChatGPT if you cant prompt. This tool perfects your prompt for max engagement. (Insiders note - I tried this for Midjourney and I LOVE it!!)

SM Score: 9/10 (Some find it difficult to use)

Do you have an A.I tool you want you to want to share? Let us know in the polls below!!

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