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The A.I Image Wars: Which One Should You Use?

Our two favorite A.I art generators have added some cool updates this month:

  • Midjourney added a zoom out feature and has updated its images to seem sharper (more clarity).

  • Stable Diffusion released its new model SDLX that turns up the detail in its images and helps the generator understand the users prompts.

But heres the big question - which one is better?

We took 3 prompts and plugged the same ones into each tool. Then we gave them a score based on 3 criteria:

  • Accuracy - How does the image match up to our prompt? Are there extra details? Is the image missing something?

  • Detail Level - This will factor in things like lighting accuracy, color variance, texture, etc.

  • How realistic it is - The ultimate goal of both tools is to create images that look like they were taken with a camera. So how believable the image is will be a big factor.

Round #1 - A cherry blossom tree in full bloom amidst an arctic tundra showering petals on a polar bear

Winner: Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusions model is certainly more realistic, but Midjourney included more of what the artic tundra landscape looks like.

But all the points they won for accuracy they lost with the size ratio between the bear and the tree.

Round #2 - Glowing jellyfish floating through a foggy forest at twilight

Winner: Midjourney

Both understood the prompt perfectly - but Stable Diffsions image was slightly blurry.

However, Midjourney did not disappoint!

Round #3 - Realistic robotic hand with black and white accents

Most A.I image generators struggle with the hand test where theyre prompted to create a realistic hand.

So we put it to the test. Synthetic Mind Style.

Winner: Stable Diffusion

Oh Midjourney安hat happened to the 5th finger??

The ULTIMATE winner: Stable Diffusion

Honesty, this surprised us as Midjourney has 14.5 Million users, whereas Stable Diffusion has 10 million.

Did this surprise you? Let us know in the polls below!

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Marketing With A.I Is The Next Big Wave

A study by Salesforce Research shows that 84% of marketers use A.I in their marketing strategy

Thats a 186% increase since 2018.

Heres how 3 major companies are using A.I to increase sales:

#1 - Coca-Cola uses A.I to analyze sales data and optimize product package sales based on customer patterns. Coca-Cola reported a 30% increase in sales efficiencies - saving them billions.

#2 - Netflix uses A.I to analyze viewer data like watch history and retention to recommend content. They say this is responsible for 80% of user engagement. This led to over $1 billion saved in customer retention costs and new signups.

#3 - Unilever (a global consumer goods company) uses A.I to improve their social media engagement based on specific demographics. This reduced their ad cost and increased their engagement by 50%!!

The bottom line: If youre in marketing or you own your own business, you must use A.I to keep up with others in your industry.

As always, weve got your back - we put together a list of the top 10 A.I marketing tools to help you get more sales.

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How To Invest With A.I

In the last year, weve seen more A.I tech innovation that we ever have before - creating whateveryone calls the A.I Boom.

Boom is the perfect way to put it. The stock market is BOOMING for A.I related companies like Microsoft, Meta, and NVIDIA.

These companies have grown so much that the world's wealthiest people invested in A.I have seen their fortunes grow by more than $150 billion.

  • Zuckerberg has brought in over $57 billion as reported by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index

  • The founder of Oracle (a large A.I software company) ranked #4 on the list of the worlds wealthiest which beat Bill Gates.

  • Bill Gates made over $24 Billion this year from his Microsoft shares

Thats a lotta dinero.

After seeing how much money these guys are making with the A.I boom, we knew there had to be a way to get in on all this action

So we went down one hell of a rabbit hole this weekend researching A.I stocks and how to invest in them.

Here is Synthetic Mind A.I portfolio:

For those of you who know your way around the stock market, we found these numbers by adding up all 5 market caps and dividing by the individual company.

This is VERY similar to Warren Buffets trusty investing strategy - you cant beat that.

What A.I stocks do you invest in? Let us know in the polls at the end!

Also, this is NOT financial advice. We just want to show you a few A.I investing options we think are cool.

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