OpenAI Releases BIG A.I Masterplan

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  • Why Celebrities Are Selling Their A.I Clones

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  • OpenAI Ditches Microsoft?

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Why Celebrities Are Selling Their A.I Clones

I found out 2 new things today

#1 - Avocados are technically a fruit

#2 - You can clone yourself with A.I and get filthy rich from it

Who knew?

Turns out celebrities are selling A.I clones of themselves to marketing companies.

Take a look at Carmelo Anthonys clone:

Carmelo Anthony By Soul Machines

Celebs make money every time they show up in the media

(Commercials, ads, movies, etc)

Like Chris Paul who makes over $5 Million a year from State Farm commercials

Now imagine how much MORE $$ Chris Paul could make if he had an A.I version of himself to contract out to other companies

By using A.I clones, celebs can contract their virtual selves out to multiple media companies at once without any extra work.

So more money in less time.Sounds like a great deal to me.

Weve already seen:

A.I clone of Eva Herzigoca

Crazy stuff.

Obviously, there are a few kinks to work out

  1. Who owns the virtual celeb? If the clone is contracted out to a company, does the celeb still have a say in what happens to their clone?

  2. Will it work? Right now theyre badass. But once theyre everywhere they may start to seem like the Youve won 5 million dollars!! emails No one believes them.

  3. What happens when the celeb clone says something bad? All it takes is 1 spark to burn down someones reputation. Once theres a video of them saying something they shouldnt, it cant be taken back.

Lots to think about here.

But if we can figure out the details, imagine what happens when we apply this tech to things like personal tutoring, consulting, sales, therapy, etc.

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屠penAI Ditches Microsoft?

If youve been with us for a while you remember how stoked we were for OpenAI to release ChatGPT plugins.

But after their release, the plugins flopped faster than a half-cooked pancake on a too-small spatula. Seriously, the biggest letdown ever.

But OpenAI is back at it again for round 2

OpenAI plans to launch the app store of AI - or a marketplace where companies can buy and sell customized A.I models.

Their goal is to have as many companies using OpenAI software as possible.


The more companies that use OpenAI in their systems, the more valuable OpenAI becomes.

AKA giving them a leg-up over their competitors like Bard and Anthropic.

But we see a storm on the horizon - Microsoft is one of OpenAIs biggest investors.

And OpenAI will be competing for market share with Microsofts A.I store A.I hub

Are you pickin up what Im puttin down?

If OpenAI creates the A.I store, this will cause tension between the two companies which may lead them to break ties with each other.

IMO, that would be a BIG mistake for OpenAI as the store will require a lot of resources(like $$ and employees) that new companies like them dont have.

However, if OpenAI can find a way for their store to help many different industries AND have their software easily integrate into buyers systems.

They have a fighting chance at pulling this off.

Plus Khan Academy and Aquantare already showing interest in selling their A.I models on the store.

So, well just have to wait and see what happens.

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