A.I. May Cure *checks notes* Cancer?

Did no one tell you? An article a day keeps the AI takeover away This is the Synthetic Mind with todays dose of AI.

Here's how we're closing out the week:

  • A.I May Cure Cancer?!

  • A.I Knows Who You Will Vote For (Even If You Dont)

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A.I. May Cure *checks notes* Cancer?!

Well this is awkward

All this time we were planning to go to war with A.I

But A.I just wants to cure cancer??

If youve been with us for a while you know weve talked all about AIs Grade-A skills in art.

But what if instead of creating pictures of Joe Biden eating Jam on Jupiter

A.I created a protein that cures cancer?

Quick high school bio refresher:

There are 20 different amino acids Amino Acids form proteins Proteins help fight cancer

A.I creates new types of amino acids. These new acids are attached to old ones to form blueprints to new proteins. Scientist then test these proteins to find the ones that actually stop cancer.

End result: Cancer-Curing proteins found 10000x faster

If only Dr. Frankenstien had Artificial Intelligence (New SciFi book idea anyone??)

If this is so revolutionary... What's the big hold-up?

  • A.I aint perfect. At this point it's less reliable than my 98' Jeep Cherokee.

  • Testing proteins takes forever

  • Cancer cells mutate faster than teenage ninja turtles. Unfortunately not nearly as fun.

  • Its real heavy on the wallet. Think Jack dying in Titantic heavy.

Robots: 1... Cancer: 0... Humans: Thrilled

On that note everyone give a round of applause to A.I for passing their US Medical Licensing Exam!!

Ahem. Dr. A.I

Very impressive indeed considering Dr. AI didnt even study! In fact, they performed better than the average medical student!

ChatGPT has even published new medical research and we think doctors are a little threatened by the new kid on the block.

A.I Knows Who You Will Vote For (Even If You Dont)

AI is the girlfriend youve never had (even if she is a know- it- all).

Shes the Monica Lewinsky of 2023: Shes fun, makes you money, is the hot new topic and right now如oliticians are loving her.


Because she knows if youre their friend or foe: AI uses facial recognition to see who youll vote for.

Here's the rundown:

  • A.I was shown over 1 million images of people who gave their age and political beliefs

  • Trends were found using: clothes, gender, age, makeup, and facial expressions

  • Scientist put AI and humans to the test

  • Result: Robots beat humans yet again.

AI guessed their political preference correctly 72% of the time. With no outside information!

This beat human guessing by 17%!

Here are our thoughts:

  • As much as we all think we're unique - we might just be NPCs after all.

  • Everyone has access to AI - including politicians

  • As of right now - No one needs your permission to use facial recognition on you

  • This will blur the line between privacy and collecting data

Should we be worried?

Synthetic Mind says no (well probably not)

Heres the thing - complex data is already taken on you every day, all day.

Google knows what your deepest fear is (Will A.I take my job?!)

Apple Maps knows where you live.

Your phone uses your face as a password!

Theres no escaping it.

Technology is only getting smarter.

More people (and robots) are going to know more about you. Right now the only thing it can be used for is to sell you something.

Or in this case, get your vote!

Is it annoying? Yes.

Can you avoid it? Nope. :(

But it's not all bad, here's some good that will come from it...

Hmmm well this certainly spins our wheels妃aybe facial recognition wont be tooooo bad??

Quick Bytes

AI creates a "New" Nirvana song - Drowned In The Sun AI wrote a new banger Nirvana song. Can you tell the difference? We sure cant!

Mind Memes

Thats it for today folks! Stay fierce and rest easy knowing A.I is our friend for now.

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