How A.I Can Make You Thousands

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  • How A.I Can Make You Thousands

  • Humans vs A.I: A Heavy-Weight Construction Showdown

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How A.I Can Make You Thousands

Oh, what a time to be alive..

The year is 2023 and A.I makes us more than our college degrees

I know what you’re thinking (mind_reading_AI loading..

“How do I make money from A.I.?!”

Well, it’s not about how.

It’s about where.

Jasper Art - Create any image you can dream of. What would a laughing leopard on Pluto look like? Could you imagine an orange pickle dancing on the moon?

No problem.

Here’s your game plan:

  1. Type up a few Picasso’s - keep them original 

  2. Setup a store on Shopify 

  3. Create your own art brand 

  4. Charge extra for custom art

(Shhh… don’t tell the art majors). - This email was 100% written by a human. BUT - not everything has to be.

*Enter Rytr- Your Ultimate Script Blueprint A.I

  1. Connect with anyone who needs a script. Youtubers? You bet. Bloggers? Why not?

  2. Give them a taste of your talent. Ask them for what they want and plug it into Rytr.

  3. Use Rytr to write books, scripts, and blog posts. If it needs words Rytr is your go-to.

Tome - Everyone has fallen asleep in a presentation, don’t make it yours. Tome creates exciting slideshows that you could be making bank from.

Here’s how:

  1. Create presentations for people in public speaking

  2. Reach out to advertisement companies. Offer to make their ads.

  3. Sell a digital course on a topic you know a lot about (How To Keep Your Robot Friend Happy 101)

NovaAI - The video editor that cuts your work time by half. It’s like your own superhero sidekick, but A.I.

How to unleash your superpower:

  1. Seek out social media influencers who make a lot of videos and pitch yourself as their time-saving angel.

  2. Reach out to wedding venues and offer to edit their wedding videos.

  3. Find Shopify stores and offer to edit their ads quicker than they can.

Invideo - Create awesome videos in seconds - all you need is the idea. Use Rytr to create a script, then plug it into the Invideo chatbox and watch it come to life.

Here’s your next steps:

  1. Think of anyone who would need a lot of ads (Local and online businesses)

  2. Reach out to Youtubers and offer to create their intros

  3. Stay dangerous and create your own product. Why not?! You already have a free ad maker…

AI Side Hustle: Under $100

Opportunity: Priceless

You’ll remember us when you’re a millionaire right?


Humans vs A.I: A Heavy-Weight Construction Showdown

Why did the AI builder construct houses so quickly?

Because it had a lot of artificial intelligence

*cringes in code

Calling all humans, robots, and anything in between. Welcome to the match of the future, A.I vs Huamans. Who will be the next face of construction?

Round 1 - Design

Humans -Days to create site blueprint: 14 Days to plan building structure: 121

A.I - Days to create site blueprint: 1 Days to plan building structure: 1

A.I: 1

Humans: 0

Round 2 - Productivity

Humans- Hires boss to micromanage workers

A.I- Created Spot-R- System that tracks workers during construction and gives ideas on how to improve their productivity

A.I: 2

Humans: 0

That’s twice! Surely humans can make their comeback?

Round 3 - Safety

Humans - Hires another boss to micromanage workers. Also spent thousands each year on safety training.

A.I - Uses Smartvid- uses cameras to lookout for missing gear, workers misusing tools, and machinery not working right

A.I: 3

Humans: 0

Round 4 - Speed

Humans- Uses normal construction methods. Time to build 1 house: 7 months

A.I.- Uses the Hadrian X robot. Time to build 1 house: 2 days

A.I: 4

Humans: 0

Humans are on their knees begging for one more chance! Will A.I show mercy?

Round 5 - Sustainability

Humans - Use HVACs that create over half of building energy use. Requires constant upkeep.

A.I.- Uses BrainBox- can predict the weather to make sure HVAC is never overworked. Can also predict any HVAC maintenance.

A.I: 4

Humans: 0

Tsk Tsk Tsk.

Conclusion: A.I will build you next house. Are we happy about this? Well…

Buildings with A.I will:

  • Be built MUCH faster

  • Have a reduced carbon footprint

  • Have fewer accidents in construction

  • More houses = Lower cost of living

Personally Synthetic Mind would say yes!!

Quick Bytes

So keep your switch turned on for potential money-making opportunities with AI, and rest easy knowing that one day you won’t have to adjust the thermostat before bed every night.

That’s all for now folks!

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