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Bill Gates convinces China of new A.I plan

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Its Thursday. The weekends in sight:

  • 崎ikTok Invests $1 Billion Into A.I

  • 劾 Bill Gates Convinces China Of New A.I Plan

  • Robots Have Entered The Workforce

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崎ikTok Invests $1 Billion Into A.I

While Metas been turning heads with their new A.I updates, TikTok has been cookin up something BIG in the background

ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, just bought 100,000 A.I chips from NVIDIA - totaling $1 Billion invested in A.I

Thats 10x MORE A.I chips than OpenAI used to train ChatGPT

Now, TikTok is the largest NVIDIA A.I chip buyer in China.

BUT TikTok isstill behind other online platforms in A.I updates and investments:

  • Amazons invested $10 Billion into A.I products

  • Meta has invested over $24 Billion into A.I research, along with many A.I updates(and more coming soon)

  • Google created its own LLM and has invested $30 Billion in A.I updates.

The only big A.I updates weve seen with TikTok so far is an A.I chatbot named Tako

But Tako is only available in a few countries and was not a big hit overall.

So whats TikTok planning?

No official statement has been released, but heres what weve been hearing:

#1 - TikTok is switching up their algorithm. Other social media platforms use A.I to perfect their algorithm. Were thinking TikTok is trying to use A.I to help decide what content to show viewers and which videos should go viral.

#2 - They want to stack up on chips as NVIDIAs chip stash runs out. Right now there arent enough A.I chips to support all of the new models.Its possible TikTok is trying to get as many chips as possible before the chip stash runs dry.

Either way, its about time TikTok hops on the A.I train.

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劾 Bill Gates Convinces China Of New A.I Plan

Last week Bill Gates had a meeting with the Chinese President (Xi Jinping) to discuss one thing - Artificial intelligence.

The specifics of the meeting are being kept on the down-low, but the result shocked everyone.

Gates convinced the Chinese President to allow Microsoft and other U.S firms to bring their A.I tech to China.

Everyone was surprised given the tense relationship between the U.S and China - especially with all of the A.I competition.

For some context, here are some key events from just this year:

  • China banned ChatGPT in major Chinese businesses

  • OpenAI blocked all Chinese users

  • The U.S pushed export controls to stop Chinese A.I model growth

So why would China give the U.S a big ol welcome in?

The Chinese President says they need more A.l innovation to boost the Chinese economy.

But we do have to wonder

Is this a way for China to keep an eye on what U.S A.I companies are up to?

You know what they say Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Plus we wonder how Chinas strict censorship laws will come into play -especially after seeing the trouble OpenAI has with Europes regulation requirements.

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Robots Have Entered The Workforce

A.I has shocked us all by snatching up white-collar jobs instead of blue-collar ones like repair and production - But even those jobs arent safe anymore.

1x Tech has released their humanoid worker robot into the workforce. and its f*cking awesome.

Their bot is named EVE and its currently being used as a security guard for an industrial building.

1x requires EVE to have human babysitters while on the job. This way if EVE goes rogue, humans can take control of the bot using virtual realityas if they were the robot themselves.

Bernt Bornich, the CEO of 1x, plans to first use humanoid robots for:

  • Care of the elderly.EVE is already being trained as a nurse and a caregiver for elderly homes.

  • Fix global sustainable energy problems.

  • Replacing the labor force altogether. Right now 50% of all the money made in the WORLD goes to physical labor. Thats roughly $40 Trillion every year that can be reinvested in other areas.

Bornich says he plans to reach all 3 of these goals within the next 5 years, and certainly within the next 10.

TBH Im waiting for the day house robots hit the market - imagine having an in-house bot that cleans, cooks, and never needs time off!

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