Can The EU Keep Up With A.I?

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  • $113M Raised by Ex-Google Team (ChatGPT Threat)

  • Can The EU Keep Up With A.I?

  • A.I Brings Back The Beatles

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$113M Raised by Ex-Google Team (ChatGPT Threat)

Im starting to understand what people mean when they say A.I has become like the lawless wild Wild West...

Last week, 13+ companies invested a total of $113 Million into a ChatGPT competitor.

The crazy part? The company is only 4 weeks old.

The really crazy part? They have no chat yet.

Just a few great ideas and a big shotta confidence.

Mistral AI was co-founded by 3 Ex-Google/Meta employees looking to transform the A.I language model industry.

TBH ChatGPT competitors are popping up everywhere these days. So a new A.I chat is nothing new.

But Mistral A.I has a twist the other chats dont...

They plan to be open-sourced. Meaning users can access their software for free and use it to build their own tools.

Heres why open-source is a game-changer:

  • More users. The more ways a product can be used, the more people will use it.

  • More brain power. Since people are using the software for their tools, they will find ways to improve it. Its like having thousands of free employees working for you at once.

  • Becomes more adaptable to other industries. The software becomes a tool for people to use on their own projects. The more people use it in different industries, the easier it is to bring your software to that industry.

Mistral AI is just starting to build their A.I model which they hope to have running by 2024.

The bottom line: Open-source is all the hype now. As more models become open-sourced the faster A.I will grow.

Together Augment AI

Type ## into any app and have AI at your fingertips to

  • Write messages in your own style in the apps you already use (Slack, iMessage, GMail literally anywhere)

  • Summarize Zoom/GMeet meetings (without having AI Notetaker join the meeting)

  • Write text referencing things youve come across without having to copy/paste any context.

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Can The EU Keep Up With A.I?

I think the EU might be a little confused on what the A.I Race means

Right now, everyones racing toward one thing: To have the best A.I

But the EU seems hellbent on being the first to regulate A.I - not enhance it.

But will that cost them?

Earlier this month, the EU passed its first A.I Draft.

There are two big points to know:

  1. All A.I models must be approved by the EU before being released to the public

  2. A.I facial recognition is a no-go. The goal is to protect everyones privacy. They say only a select few tools will have permission to use facial recognition.

EU A.I risk categorizing system by By Lori Witzel

The good news: Setting ground rules for who and how to use A.I makes a ton of sense.

The bad news: The draft is so strict on A.I companies that theyre too scared to spread their wings and create new A.I models.

The ugly news: Both China and the U.S are dumping millions into A.I innovation. The IDC predicts China will spend over $25 Billion on A.I innovation.

Heres the thing - regulating A.I can be a good thing as it stops A.I from getting into the wrong hands. BUT too much regulation stops innovation.

And without innovation, no progress can be made.

If the EU doesnt find a better balance, it will fall behind the major global powers quickly.

**Stick around till tomorrow where well talk about how a big U.S company is regulating their new A.I tool thats so powerful they wont release it..

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A.I Brings Back The Beatles

In 1980 John Lennon, a member of the Beatles, was murdered in New York City.

Before he died, Lennon recorded a song on a cassette tape dedicated to Paul McCartney (another member of the Beatles).

McCartney has announced that he plans to use A.I to extract Lennons voice from the tape and release one last song by The Beatles.

Not only is this the perfect way for the Beatles to go out with a bang, but it also highlights how A.I can be used to have a positive impact.

Imagine how tech can be used for therapy, bringing back our other favorite artists, and bringing back historical figures.

Like this A.I tools that brought back Graham Bell

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