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New A.I Tool Threatens Trillion-Dollar Business

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  • New A.I Tool Threatens Trillion-Dollar Business

  • New Report Shows How A.I Will Affect The Economy

  • Todays Bytes: Top 7 A.I Tools To 10x Your Productivity

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沐ew A.I Tool Threatens Trillion-Dollar Business

A.I chips are the fuel of the A.I boom - every A.I model needs chips to run.

To give you an idea, ChatGPT used 10,000 of them when training.

As of now NVIDIA is the biggest A.I chip producer with over 80% of the market share.

But lately theres been a crisis

With all of the new A.I tech NVIDIA hasnt been able to keep up with the demand.

Now theres a new kid on the block one that threatens to take down NVIDIAs A.I chip monopoly as its shares have DOUBLED in the last year

AMD announced its new Super A.I chip

After the announcement, AMD shares hit an ultimate high.

Super A.I is a great way of explaining it. The chip will be bigger than NVIDIAs which means:

  • Companies wont need as many chips to run their models.

  • The chip can handle bigger and more complex models. You know what they say宇he bigger the A.I, the bigger the chip.

  • Offers more memory storage.

This is GREAT news - The more competition there is in A.I, the better the prices, and the better the products.

Were also expecting AMD to have a much lower cost than NVIDAs top A.I chip ($30,000) as AMDs chips have always been lower cost than NVIDIAs.

But I will say, AMD is facing an uphill battleagainst NVIDIA - NVIDIA is now a trillion-dollar business and AMD did not mention any buyers lined up.

Especially since Alphabet and Amazon STILL struggle to compete against NVIDIA with their A.I chip rental programs.

But hey, everyone loves an underdog

** Stick around for tomorrow - were talking about a group of Ex-Google employees that just raised $113 Million for their ChatGPT competitor!!

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New Report Shows How A.I Will Affect The Economy

We found a new A.I report with some cool insights into the future of A.I.

You can read the full report HERE, but well give you a quick summary with some key points and a few other details most missed.

The big highlight of the report is that Generative A.I (A.I that creates content like videos, images, texts, etc) will add up to $4.4 TRILLION to the global economy. Every year.

That means A.I will rack in:

  • $1.3 Trillion MORE than the UKs entire GDP in 2021.

  • 2.7x more than Alphabets (Google) market cap

  • 550 BILLION Chick-Fil-A sandwiches

Pretty impressive.

Here are 3 other takeaways most missed (but are still super cool):

  • By 2060, half of the global workforce will be automated. On top of that, 60% - 70% of an average employees day will be automated. The result? Global productivity will skyrocket and well see a boom in tons of industries.

  • The 3 industries that will see the most success with A.I automation are pharmacies, banks, and CPG. Thats because they are the most data-focused and follow strict processes. AKA easier to automate.

  • A.I automation will grow the fastest in countries with developed economies. Developed economies have higher wages - high enough that it cost companies MORE money to pay employees than to pay for A.I. Whereas in undeveloped economies wages are low enough that switching to A.I will cost more money and time than its worth.

Our favorite insight? A.I will impact white-collar jobs BEFORE blue-collar ones.

Why? Because A.I has the same skill set needed for white-collar jobs like planning, analysis, problem-solving, etc.

Didnt see that one coming!

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