How HACKERS Use A.I To Get Your Info

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  • OpenAI Asks China For Help

  • 扑 How HACKERS Use A.I To Get Your Info

  • A.I Takes On The Government

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OpenAI Asks China For Help

In case youve been living under a rock

Were in the middle of whats being called an A.I Arms Race - a race between countries to see who can create the strongest A.I tech possible.

The top two major competitors right now are the U.S. and China. Both of which take what I call the Ricky Bobby approach.

The idea is that the country with the MOST powerful A.I tech will be in control. Not the 2nd most powerful.

Right now, the U.S is taking the lead with 3.5x more money invested in A.I than China.

Neither country is willing to slow down their progress for fear the other country will win. But something new has happened

Sam Altman, a major U.S. leader in A.I and CEO of OpenAI, has extended an olive branch to China - asking for help with A.I.

He says China has some of the best A.I talent in the world and fundamentally, given the difficulties in solving alignment for advanced A.I systems, this requires the best minds from around the world

In other words, stop the A.I Race and work together to find a way to develop A.I in a safe way.

As expected, everyone was shocked. Some took it well, and others didnt.

Our thoughts? We handle it similarly to nuclear weapons.

A close eye should be kept on who has them and whats being done with them. But countries must also make sure to keep them as powerful as other countries.

However, things had to go VERY wrong before nuclear weapons were regulated. I dont think we can afford to make that mistake with A.I.

扑 How HACKERS Use A.I To Get Your Info

Houston, we have a problem

Turns out hackers have found a way to hack your ChatGPT Plus account and run up your tab.

In one case, a hacker stole $1,039.37 from a user!

ChatGPT Plus users are required to attach a credit card to their account to pay for their subscriptions and tokens.

Each account has its own API key. Your API key is a piece of code that allows users to connect ChatGPT to other apps.

Heres how to access yours:

Tutorial by Bellevue College

If someone finds your API key and uses it to access your ChatGPT Plus account, they can rack up your bill fast. Most of the time, you wont know until its too late.

Youre probably thinking 2 things right now:

  1. How TF are hackers finding the API Keys??

  2. How TF do I hide my API key??

Well, were glad you asked.

Hackers are finding API keys by scraping code-sharing platforms and A.I tools.

Then they create websites where other hackers can find your API key and use your account for FREE (well, free for them).

This site had over 500 users:

Not good. But as always, we got u.

Here are a few tips to stay safe:

  • Update your API key once a month. Follow the tutorial from above to create a new one.

  • Only put your keys into trusted tools. If its a newer tool, use a temporary API key.

  • Dont hard code your API Keys into your projects. If you dont know what hard coding is, you probably dont do it. This one applies to makers only.

If you have any questions, HERE is a link to OpenAIs guide on how to protect yourself from A.I hackers.

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A.I Takes On The Government

Earlier this month, Microsoft released OpenAI for Azure Government Cloud- a secret database that government officials use.

Then OpenAI, DeepMind (Google), and Anthropic gave the UK access to their new products to help with A.I safety research.

Were guessing (and were not the only ones) that governments are also looking for ways to integrate A.I into their daily processes.

And man do we hope so. Heres why:

  • Faster data processing - No more 8-10 long week wait times for paperwork

  • Better customer service. True story - one time I was on the phone with the IRS for 4 HOURS. With A.I chatbots we can turn phone calls like that into a few simple texts.

  • Fewer mishaps. The fewer chances for human error on government docs, the better.

All of this is super cool but we have to wonder - how will this impact personal privacy?

The government has access to everyone's private info and if its plugged into these A.I tools, they will have access to them as well.

Is trading privacy for convenience worth it to you? Let us know your thoughts in the polls below!

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