ChatGPT Destroyed His Life (Sad)

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  • How ChatGPT Destroyed A Man's Reputation

  • 妝 New A.I Art Trend Will Skyrocket Sales

  • Google vs Meta: Battle Of The A.I Tunes

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How ChatGPT Destroyed A Man's Reputation

ChatGPT stirring up trouble is nothing new. But this time, OpenAI is in some real hot water.

Were talkin boiling hot.

ChatGPT falsely accused an American radio host of a VERY serious crime. One that threatens his entire reputation.

Lets start from the beginning.

ChatGPT is known to hallucinate or say things that arent factually true.

Peter Relan, a language model developer, says 80% of what A.I says is true, but the other 20% of the time, it makes up stuff

Right now, a lawyer is facing major sanctions for citing fake court cases made up by ChatGPT.

And a few weeks ago, a professor failed an ENTIRE class after ChatGPT told him that it wrote all of the students' papers.

Tsk Tsk.

This time, ChatGPT accused Marc Walters, the CEO of Armed American Radio, of STEALING $5 million from a gun-rights nonprofit.

It even faked and cited an entire court case to support the claim.

Considering that Walters radio show is about protecting American rights to own guns.this was not a good look for Walters.

The rumors spread like wildfire, and now Walters is suing OpenAI for defamation.

This case is a MAJOR deal as its the first of its kind.

Whatever happens, will set a major precedent for how A.I companies regulate and release their A.I models.

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妝 New A.I Art Trend Will Skyrocket Sales

With all the A.I shenanigans going on lately, A.I art has taken a back seat.

In the beginning of the A.I boom, art created by A.I was a BIG issue

(In fact, the biggest lawsuit EVER is happening right now between Getty Images and Stability A.I over A.I generated images)

But now, creators are using A.I to make super cool QR codes.

Take a look:

(If you like them - Weve attached a guide at the end to show you how to make yours!)

QR codes are used EVERYWHERE - restaurants, billboards, business cards, etc.

Right now all QR codes look the same: Black and white

But with A.I, businesses can have eye-catching QR codes to fit their branding.

More attention = More sales.

Maybe something like this for a bakery:

And my personal favorite.

Want to make your own? Click the button below to access a guide!

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Google vs Meta: Battle Of The A.I Tunes

Both Google and Meta have released a text-to-music A.I model this month.

What is text-to-music?

Its exactly how it sounds - you can now generate music from text using A.I

You can say something like Drake remix of The Hills or Lofi remix of ACDCs top hits

IDK whatever floats your boat.

Google releasedMusicLM a few weeks ago, and Meta released their version MusicGen earlier this week.

Supposedly they both do the same thing, but which one is better?

We researched them both. Heres what we think:

Our choice? Definitely Metas MusicGen.

Not only are there no wait times, but the option to upload reference music is definitely a big plus.

Wed love to know your thoughts and what you make! Leave them in the polls below!

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