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Founder of the Internet Says NOT To Regulate A.I

Synthetic Mind here with everything you need to know about AI all in one place. Were like the J to your PBJ. Without us, youre just Plain Boring.

Its Hump Day - youre halfway there. Heres whats goin on:

  • Zuckerberg Reveals Meta's New A.I Plans

  • Founder of the Internet Says NOT To Regulate A.I

  • ChatGPT Adds 112 NEW Plugins: Here Are The Top 5

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Zuckerberg Reveals Meta's New A.I Plans

As far as A.I goes, Meta has been all talk No show.

Theyve made great leaps in A.I research and tech. Yet when it comes to putting them in their products like Instagram and Facebook.

All we hear are crickets.

But Zuckerberg has just announced a big game changer - One that puts Meta in the lead of the A.I race.

Meta is integrating A.I EVERYWHERE.

Heres what to expect:

  • Text prompts for photo editing on Instagram stories. This could be both good and bad. On one hand, itll create some badass pictures. On the other, it will be a big tool for bullying and fake news.

  • A.I Chatbot for WhatsApp and Messenger.

  • Metas hosting a Generative A.I hackathon in July. Well drop the addy and signup link when we find out more.

This puts Meta ahead of ALL other social media platforms.

(Especially after SnapChats A.I bot turned out to be an epic fail.)

And dont forget, Meta is still pushing the Metaverse which regained its hype after Apples Apple Vision Pro release a week ago.

A.I is being integrated into every aspect of our lives. If I had told you 6 months ago that you would be chatting with a robot for fun, youd have thought I was crazy.

Think about where well be 10 years from now

For more insights into the future of Meta, watch Lex Fridmans interview with Zuckerberg about the future of A.I, Open-source models, and Meta HERE.

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Founder of the Internet Says NOT To Regulate A.I

All you ever hear nowadays is that A.I is the worst thing ever.

Its stealing our jobs, spreading lies, and you know. The whole bot-takeover thing.

But a new perspective has hit the scene and I think youll like this one MUCH better.

The man who basically co-founded the internet, Marc Andreessen, says A.I will not destroy the world, and in fact may save it.

Heres the SparkNotes version:

  • Everyone now has a therapist, coach, assistant, and tutor at their fingertips. Its also available 24/7, is never too busy for us, AND is 1/3 of the cost.

  • We SHOULD fear who controls A.I. The problem isnt A.I. Its WHO controls A.I and what their plans are.

  • Yes it will take jobs, but it will create new ones. Kinda like how the cellphone took away phone operators but created 10x more jobs.

  • Western countries should encourage A.I development. He says the greatest risk of AI is that China wins global AI dominance and we the United States and the West do not.

Not only was this a nice breather from the A.I takeover doom and gloom

But Andreessen has a good point - every generation has its version of something that will end the world.

Take a look at this old newsletter claiming were screwed because of telephones.

Or this one suggesting the internet was a fad

The bottom line: The idea that new tech will end the world is nothing new. We dont know what will happen, but assuming the worst isnt the best way to go.

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OpenAI Adds 112 NEW Plugins: Here Are The Top 5

OpenAI has added 112 NEW plugins to ChatGPT.

What are plugins?

Plugins are 3rd party tools that connect ChatGPT to other apps.

Theyre like a bridge between ChatGPT and a website/ app.

You can use them to book flights, make restaurant reservations, and even order your groceries.

But theres one problem - There are almost 400 of them.

Here are the top 5 most used plugins and how to use them:

#1. Expedia - Plan your entire trip and budget for costs all with this 1 plugin. You can book flights, hotels, activities, etc.

#2. OpenTable - Book restaurant table reservations via ChatGPT

#3. Instacart - Find recipes and ingredients for your meals, then get them delivered to your door within a few hours.

#4. Browsing Plugin - Connects ChatGPT to the internet for real-time data. This is one of two plugins created by OpenAI themselves.

#5. Code Interpreter - Use this to talk with your code. Run your code through this plugin and let it interpret your code, deposit files, and retrieve completed tasks.

Click the button below for a complete list of all 390 ChatGPT plugins and how to use them!

Hope this helps!

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