Neuralink Approved For Human Trials

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  • 仁 Neuralink Approved For Human Trials

  • 返甄Twitter Banned In EU Over A.I?

  • 井 Leaked ChatGPT Files Show BIG Update

  • Mind Memes

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仁 Neuralink Approved For Human Trials

Dont get me wrong, 99% of the time Im Pro-A.I

But something about Neuralink freaks me out.

Neuralink is a brain implant created by Elon Musk. Its a chip put into your brain that connects you to A.I - turning you into a computer.

AKA the one thing Sci-Fi movies tell us NOT to do.

Neuralink is not a new concept. Brain chips have been used to help with medical conditions like paralysis.

The difference is that Neuralink will be a tool people want, not need.

With Neuralink, youd be able to:

  • Talk mind to mind with others that have Neuralink

  • Experience drugs without physically taking them. The hope is that Neuralink will recreate the effects of coffee (among other things) in your brain so you wont have to physically take them.

  • Have answers for everythinginstantly. Youd be like a human ChatGPT.

So when I saw that Neuralink has been approved by the FDA to start testing on humans

I thought Oh sh*t.

Were about to live through an IRL Black Mirror episode.

Musk plans to start the human trials within the next 6 months.

So far, tests have only been run on animals, but theyre seeing amazing results.

Heres a monkey playing MindPong with its mind using his Neuralink

Like I said, Neuralink freaks me out, but you do have to wonder.

If everyone else has a Neuralink, will you stay the odd one out?

Think about it - if you DONT have Neuralink you will be :

  • Less competitive for jobs.

  • Left out of conversations (theyd be talking to each other with their minds)

  • Slower than everyone else. It would be like everyone getting the joke but you.

It would be like not having a cell phone in 2023.

You can sign up to be a part of the trials HERE

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返 Twitter Banned In EU Over A.I?

Lets talk about Deepfakes

Deepfakes (fake images created by A.I) have been the hot topic these last few months.

Weve seen it all - from the Pope in his white puffer jacket to Trump running from the police in New York

For a while they were funny

But then something happened.

An A.I-generated image of an explosion at the Pentagon went viral.

So viral that foreign news outlets were reporting it.

The result?

The stock market dropped 80 points in under 1 hour

Now, everyones asking one question - Is A.I content out of control?

Our answer?Not yet. But it will be soon.

The problem is regulation takes a long time.Were talkin' years.

Cypto was first seen in 2009, but most of its regulation happened 7 YEARS later.

The first U.S. federal law about speed limit regulation was in 1974 - 90 years after the first car.

ChatGPT has only been around for 6 MONTHS.

It will be a while before any big regulation takes place. By then, it may be too late.

But the first moves have already been made.

The EU has declared that any content generated by A.I must be labeled as A.I Generated.

All the major tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft have agreed. Except one


The EU has given Twitter until late August to agree to the terms. If they still refuse, they will be banned.

Musk has not commented on the issue, but if I had to guess Id say the EU will likely win this one.

井 Leaked ChatGPT Files Show BIG Update

A Reddit user leaked a photo of ChatGPTs new updates coming soon.

Heres what we found

Its looking like ChatGPT is finally making good on their promise to give us a business version of ChatGPT which will give them more control over their data.

Overall OpenAI has been pretty vague about it. But based on the leak, heres what to expect:

  • ChatGPT profiles. OpenAI calls them Workspaces. Think of it as a way for ChatGPT to know who you are. Itll probably include your name, job, interest, and a few other tidbits.

  • File uploads. It looks like well be able to upload docs and other resources to ChatGPT. Thats great for speeding up research, getting updated answers, and more personalized insights.

OpenAI hasnt confirmed this, but the last time a ChatGPT update was leaked on Reddit - it came true a week later.

Fingers crossed!

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