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  • 🤖 A.I’s Biggest Lawsuit Ever ($1.8 TRILLION)

🤖 A.I’s Biggest Lawsuit Ever ($1.8 TRILLION)

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  • 🚨 A.I’s Biggest Lawsuit Ever ($1.8 TRILLION)

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🚨A.I’s Biggest Lawsuit Ever ($1.8 TRILLION)

And the biggest lawsuit ever goes to...

(Drum roll please)

Stability AI - One of the largest text-to-creators in the world.

Yup, that’s right. This lawsuit is 8.7 times larger than any lawsuit before it.

The next closest is The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement for $206 Billion.

Wondering WTF happened?

Turns out, Stablity AI trained their A.I models with images owned by Getty Images.

Let me break it down for you:

Generative A.I models (A.I tools that create images, text, videos, etc.) are trained on data from the internet.

The problem is most of the images, text, and other data are protected by copyright.

In other words, not free to use.

The result?

A.I companies are being sued left and right for using copyrighted images.

Getty Images is suing Stability AI for $150,000 per photo used. They suspect Stability AI used about 12 million photos.

So if we do the math…

Stability AI is being sued for $1,800,000,000,000

That’s more than the entire market cap of both Google (1.55 Trillion) and Amazon (1.27 Trillion)


Getty Images makes 2 big claims.

Claim #1 - Stability AI generates images with the Getty Image logo in them. Getty Images stays that putting their name on the ‘grotesque’ photos ruins the quality of the ‘Getty Image’ brand

Yikes. I wouldn’t put my name on that either.

Claim #2 - Stability AI took these photos without permission and did not give credit to the artist.

Stability AI will claim they’re in the clear since these photos are not ‘copied + pasted’, but just used for inspiration.

Kinda like artists recreating another’s work and making it their own.

This may be true, but they’ll have a hard time keeping this up in court after a few researchers ran an experiment and created this:

(The top is the image fed to the Stability AI tool. The bottom is what the tool created)

By: Carlini et al., 2023

Not a good look y’all.

A.I is new - there are a lot of kinks to work out. It’ll be court cases like this that decide the future of A.I and how fast it develops.

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🎥 New A.I Tool: Midjourney But For Videos

Imagine Midjourney but for videos.

Well wait no longer because the day is finally here.

Runway is an A.I research a company that creates videos using A.I.

In the past, you had to submit a photo/ video and explain what you wanted. Then you’d get an A.I generated video a few minutes later.

But that was Gen-1.

With Gen-2 all you need is text.

No images. No videos.

We wanted to see what all the hype was about, so we gave it a spin.

Our prompt - “Robot at the beach”

Pretty cool, but there’s some work to do…

Here’s what happened when we typed in “Robot picking lemons”

(PS - Watch the lemon)

You can make your text-to-video HERE. We’d love to see what you create - feel free to send us your favorite!

😈 Instagram’s Secret A.I Plans

Two leaked photos on Twitter have revealed Instagram’s secret A.I plans, and let’s just say, things are about to get veryyy interesting.

The first leaked photo shows Instagram might be creating a new app to take down Twitter.

Photo by Lia Haberman

Its name? “Barcelona”.

It looks like it will be very similar to Twitter with threads and small character limits.

If it’s true, this is quite an ambitious goal. Twitter has over 450 Million users and Musk won’t go down easy.

Ready for the second? 

The second leaked photo shows Instagram might also be planning a new A.I chatbot.

Someone needs to tell Instagram to find that leak cause they’re drippin’ everywhere…

We’ve heard the chatbot:

  • Will have over 30 different personalities to choose from.

  • Can be added to convos like any other group member, or used to chat on its own.

For now, these are just rumors - Instagram hasn’t commented on either.

But if it’s true, I hope they add a little spice - I don’t know if I can yet take another generic A.I chatbot.

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