Inside China's A.I Revolution

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  • Hidden Crisis: How A.I Is Threatened by Chip Shortages

  • Inside China's A.I Revolution

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Hidden Crisis: How A.I Is Threatened by Chip Shortages

So we have a problem

Soon, the A.I world will be in full-on panic mode.

Im talkin code red.

As in the kinda panic that wakes you up at 3 am in cold sweats thinking Where did it all go wrong

Yeah, its that kinda problem.

Whats the big problem?

A.I chips have gone M.I.A.

A.I chips are a piece of hardware that A.I models need to function.


No more chips = No more A.I

At first, everything was fine. But with the new A.I Boom creating increasingly complex models

A.I chips are going faster than a pack of gum in a high school English class.

Or as Elon Musk puts it, harder to get than drugs

(Says the man who bought 10,000 GPUs in early April)

Big companies are doing OK since most have their own secret stash. Some even make their own A.I chips like Meta and Microsoft.

But soon smaller A.I startups will find their A.I chip bank has dried up.

The result?

A.I chip prices are skyrocketing.

NVIDIA's (one of the largest A.I chip suppliers) top chip right now goes for about $40,000 on eBay

What should we do?

Honestly, no one has a good answer.

But I will say

Theres something to be said for selling the shovels. And if NIVIDA is the shovel maker, I might try and get a piece of that cake.

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Inside China's A.I Revolution

Over the last few months, China and the U.S. have been fighting for the lead in A.I tech.

So far, the U.S. has kept China in the dust. Especially after China banned access to ChatGPT.

But now, China is going petal to the metal with A.I

Baidu (Chinas version of OpenAI) has announced they will invest $145 million into companies working on Generative A.I.

Theyre also getting ready to release their A.I chatbot ERNIE.

AKA their version of ChatGPT.

But wait... It gets crazier.

Once ERNIE is released, Baidu plans to start a competition between developers that use ERNIE to run new A.I tools.

And if we know one thing theres nothin like a good ol competition to spur some action.

But Baidu is not the only Chinese A.I company to look out for.

Here are a few other major A.I moves:

  • Beijing Lightyear Technology just made $50 million from investors

  • Alibaba plans to integrate their LLM Tongyi Qianwen across their business.

  • Tencent is building their new foundation model: HunyuanAide

  • MiniMax has raised over $250 million for their new A.I tool which is similar to ChatGPT.

It looks like the A.I Race is still just getting started.

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Unlock ChatGPTs Full Potential

Lately, theres been some talk that ChatGPT is slackin. As in not giving the top-notch quality of responses that were used to.

Everyones complaining about it over Twitter and Reddit

Oh ChatGPT Youve changed.

In response, OpenAI released a GPT prompting guide - GPT Best Practices.

In other words, theyre saying, Its NOT me. Its you.

The guide is 5,504 words long.

Well give you the gist in 192 words:

Prompting is how humans give instructions to A.I

Remember - its not what you say, its how you say it.

Give these 5 tips a try:

  1. Be specific. The more details you give, the better the response. Ask for a specific tone, word count, structure, etc.

  2. Ask for references. Sometimes ChatGPT will make up answers. Avoid this by asking ChatGPT to cite references in its answer. Kinda like how your 5th-grade math teacher always asked you to show your work.

  3. Create smaller tasks instead of one big one. Find your end goal, then create smaller subtasks to get there. Dont ask ChatGPT to write a book in one go - ask for one chapter at a time.

  4. Give GPTs time to think. ChatGPT tries to answer your question ASAP. Try telling it to chill out and take its time. You can also prompt it to go back and recheck its answer.

  5. Give examples. Sometimes its easier to give examples than explain every step. For example (see what I did there) you could say: Write me a children's book. Use Peter Rabbit as an example.


Which prompt is better?

Which Prompt is a better ChatGPT prompt?

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See? You got this.

Mind Memes

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