🤖 Why Apple’s NOT Investing In A.I

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  • 🥽 Why Apple’s NOT Investing In A.I

  • ☠️ TIME predicts ‘The End Of Humanity’

  • 🌎 Create your own 3D world with a smartphone

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🥽 Why Apple’s NOT Investing In A.I

Apple announced their new tech at the big WWDC 2023 conference earlier this week…. but it’s not what we expected.

We were all waiting on pins and needles for Apple’s big A.I release. Every other major tech company has one…

But by the end of the presentation, A.I was mentioned ZERO times.

To most, this was a MAJOR disappointment.

But here’s what most don’t know - Apple is already using Artificial intelligence.

It’s just behind the scenes.  

In an interview, the CEO of Apple said that with A.I “It’s so important to be very deliberate and very thoughtful in the development and the deployment…they can be so powerful that [we] worry about things like bias.. maybe worse in some cases.”

So instead of unleashing flashy A.I updates like Microsoft and Google, Apple’s using A.I for small changes in their products.

Like adding ChatGPT-like software to autocorrect.

Apple’s end goal is NOT to have the best A.I update.

Instead, they’re focused on a much bigger game: Virtual Reality.

The big hit of the presentation was the new ‘Apple Vision Pro” - an AR headset for $3,499

(That’s like 265 Chipotle chicken burritos with EXTRA chicken)

Take a look:

Super sexy right?

Here’s what we know:

  • There’s NO controller. Every movement is determined by your eyes, voice commands, and hand gestures.

  • Includes a ‘Digital Persona’ feature. The headset can create a virtual you that others see in the virtual world and in virtual meetings. Basically you as an NPC.

  • Connects across all Apple devices.

So while all the other major tech companies are caught up playing the A.I Race game of checkers…

Apple’s been playing chess this whole time.

☠️ TIME Predicts ‘The End Of Humanity’

Don’t let anyone fool you - A.I has been around for a long long time

(Since the early 1950s!!)

But with the new and improved (and totally awesome) updates this past year…

A.I is catching some heat from researchers.

They fear that the more advanced A.I gets, the more dangerous it becomes.

Then, like the perfect cherry to the world’s scariest sundae…

TIME releases this:

With a title like that, word got around fast.

Here’s the tea:

  • There’s a 10% chance A.I will end the human race. That beats nuclear war by 9% according to the FHI who predict a 1% chance humans will go extinct from nuclear war.

  • A.I regulation should be a group project. Not the kind where the one person who cares does all the work. Everyone gets a performance evaluation with this one. Your grade (life) depends on it. 

  • Superintelligence is on the way… and it may not like us. Superintelligence is to humans, what humans are to chimps. Now imagine what would happen if we treated chimps like we do spiders…

  • We won’t win the A.I Race. This whole time we’ve been waiting to see which tech company will win the A.I Race. Yet, we didn’t think about what happens if A.I wins.

TIME says the only way to survive is to stop the A.I Race and slow down the updates. It’s humans against A.I.

Not tech company vs tech company.

What do I think?

More intelligence is NOT a bad thing. It’s what we do with the intelligence.

Should we have some ground rules?


But being scared of A.I is like being scared of the internet in 1980’s...

You’ll just get left behind.

You know what they say…

Sink or swim.

🌎 Create Your Own 3D World With A Smartphone

You’ve heard of Michelangelo but have you heard of…. Neuralangelo?

If not, let me introduce you.

Neuralangelo is an A.I model by NVIDIA that creates 3D worlds from 2D video clips.

Users can take a video of their surroundings and turn it into a 3D scene… all within a few hours.

Take a look:

The game plan is to use Neuralangleo in video games, movies, animations, robotics, and more.

In other words, completely replacing 3D Modelers.

So not only is 3D modeling now faster, easier, and a whole lot cheaper…. But a skill that used to take years to learn can now be done in hours by a 12-year-old. 

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