OpenAI: No Longer Free?

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OpenAI: No Longer Free?

ChatGPT. A love story once so sweet its become my new safe word, might be coming to end.

How you might ask?

Great question. 5 Syllables. mo-ne-ti-za-tion.Money.

Essentially, OpenAI execs are openly asking the best way to rug pull your boy.

Just when they had us hot and worked up over the future of AI with ChatGPTs complex seemingly impossible answers They stop the music.

OpenAI is surveying current users to find the best way to stop the bleeding.

(If youve been a reader for a while youll know their burning cash to the tune of $3 milly a day)

Nothing a bandage couldnt fix.

By bandage, I mean Microsoft's quick lifeline of $10B.

Heres the tea on the deal:

  • This cash injection values OpenAI @ $29B

  • Microsoft receives 75% of OpenAI's profits until it recoups its investment

  • Microsofts stake in OpenAI will increase to 49%

Its starting to look like OpenAI might not have any options here. They need the cash, and Microsoft wants that return.

With ChatGPT being at capacity for the last few days, OpenAI is undoubtedly under a high amount of pressure to not only innovate, but to also reach scale.

Unfortunately, the only way theyll scale is with cash.

Robo Animators Take on Hollywood.

Step aside James Cameron. Theres a new sheriff in town.

The Sherrif: AI Animators.

Who knew Robo Animators would be a thing?

This guy

This clip features a roughly 40-second scene combining the power of Midjourney x After Effects.

This clip created by humans? Not impressive.

This clip created by AI? Very impressive.

So does this mean AI is taking over Hollywood?

If you watch the clips, obviously no.

But the fact that it's gotten this far, this early, shows that AI animation might have a real appearance on a blockbuster near you.

And who knows, it might be sooner than we all think.

While animators are still keeping their jobs, Actors are already outsourcing theirs.

Just a couple of days ago Ryan Reynolds made a full commercial using ChatGPT.

And honestly, its hilarious.

Here are our thoughts:

  • Humans will persuade other humans using AI (like in commercials) and will commoditize persuasion.

  • Average Joe's will make truck loads of cash from AI while the rest of the world catches up.

  • When AI directs the way we receive and create entertainment, we start to live in their world, not ours. Did someone say matrix?

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