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Todays AI Money Maker: A.I Task Manager

Setup Time: 45 Minutes

Startup Cost: $99

First $ Made: 32 Hours

記pportunity Size: $49,415/ Year

The Opportunity 井

It doesnt matter who you are, how much money you have, or who you know

We all have 24 hours in a day.

Even though some will pay GOOD money for one extra hour after their alarm goes off

You cant buy time.

But you can learn how to spend it.

Deciding where to spend your time used to take a lot of effort.

Like figuring out what to prioritize, cutting out distractions, etc.

Most people still do it this way with to-do lists, leaving post-it notes, and setting reminders.

Not because they like doing it, but because they dont know A.I can do it for them in seconds

And thats where you come in.

Today, youll be creating an A.I task manager app for an unbeatable $19.99/ month.

It will help users reorganize their schedule so they get everything done in the shortest amount of time.

Heres how it will work:

Users will download your app and connect their Google Calendar.

Then your app will use A.I to organize their tasks and give them an hourly breakdown of their day.

If you dont know how to code, thats ok.

Were using No-Code to build our app.

All you do is drag and drop a few sections, pick out your colors, and write a few catchy lines. Then you have a published app in minutes.

The best part?

Were taking the hustle out of side hustle.

Once you build your app, youre done. A.I will take care of the rest.

No paperwork. No employees. No upkeep.

All you need is 206 users a month.

Not bad for a 45 minute setup

In the next 5 minutes, well show you:

  • Insight into what other task planners are doing so you can stay ahead

  • How to create a 5-star A.I app with No-Code

  • Where to find your first 206 users to get that cash rolling in

Alright, lets see some numbers.

Whos Doing It

Akiflow is a task manager that helps users combine their calendars into one. Then all the tasks that are on the calendar are put into a to-do list. This task manager does NOT use A.I. Users must organize their schedule themselves. They charge $15 a month and have over 5,000 app downloads.

Most task managers are like Akiflow - They dont use A.I. This is a big opportunity to get ahead of 99% of the competition.

Motion is a calendar app that creates daily to-do lists for users. Since Motion uses A.I, all the user has to do is connect their calendar. Then, Motion will organize their daily schedule for max productivity. They charge $34 a month and have brought in over 1.5 million website visits since March!

Thats over 16K website visits a day

All you need is 206 of them to sign up.

Seriously, its almost toooo easy.

Now that we know theres money to be made lets put this into action.

The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Sign up for Glide. Go to Glide and sign up for the $99 Pro Plan. Once you create an account, you can pick your colors, layout, and all the fancy details. Make sure to include a calendar section and a place for users to connect their Google Calendar.

(BTW, we make $0 showing you these tools. We just like them and wanted to share the love!)

Step #2 - Add Calendar integration. Once you have your app design picked out, add a Google Calendar integration. You will find it under integrations in your settings. This is how your users will connect their Google Calendar.

Step #3 - Create a task manager page. Create a daily schedule page where users can see their daily schedule. Have the date at the top, a list of tasks for the day, and a Create Schedule button.

Itll look something like this:

Step #4 - Connect OpenAI. Now that the app is set up, you can connect ChatGPT to your app. This is how A.I will create their daily schedule. Glide will walk you through each step, but if you need it, heres a quick tutorial:

Step #5 - Find users. Now that your app is set up, the only thing left to do is find your users. Target people with busy schedules like managers, parents, students, and business owners. Here are a few places to start:

  • Reach out to podcasts. Reach out to a few podcasts that have the same target audience as you. Explain to them how your tool will help their audience. Then, ask for a shoutout in exchange for 20% of the sales it brings in.

  • Offer free trials. Find a business with multiple employees and offer them a free first month. Theres no risk for them, only a benefit. After they see their productivity skyrocket, theyll be hooked.

  • Post in Facebook groups. Find a Facebook group for single parents, business owners, or students and talk about your product. Offer them free trials and answer any questions they have. Before doing this make sure to clear it with the owner of the Facebook group!

  • Run ads on Google. No matter how busy someone is, everyone is on Google. First, set your daily spending limit on ads. Then Google will run ads on the sites that your audience visits the most!

Thats it for today folks! Stay curious, and well see you on Wednesday.

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