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What We Learned About Making Money With A.I

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Todays A.I Money Maker: Automated Job Board Using No-Code

Setup Time: 90 Minutes

Startup Cost: $43

First $ Made: 1 Month

記pportunity Size: $6,350 / Month

The Opportunity 井

If theres one thing weve learned about making money, its that people love free stuff.

If you want to sell a product throw in a free gift.

If you want to sell a subscription offer a free trial.

Not only is it nice of you to give them something.

But since its free, theres no reason to say no.

Today, well use this to our advantage with an automated job board.

A job board is a website where companies post their job openings. Then, job-seekers go to that website and apply for jobs.

Think of it as the bridge between companies and their future employees.

On one end you have your Job-Seeker, and on the other end you have the company.

Youre the bridge that connects them.

Key point: Job-seekers can access your board for free.

You make money by charging companies to post job listings.

With this, everyones happy.

Job-Seekers can job hunt for free, and the companies get tons of applicants.

And you make money as the middleman.

You will build your job board using No-Code.

No-Code is an A.I software that builds sites/ apps without using code.

(Get it? No-Code.)

So even if you dont know the first thing about coding, you can build an entire website all by yourself.

Our job board is specifically for copywriters.

However, you can make yours for any type of job.

Think: Healthcare, digital designers, babysitters, etc.

At first, you will post job listings for free. Then once you get some website traffic and attract employers, you can charge per listing.

You will charge $50 per listing.

All you need is 127 listings a month.

The more website visits you get, the more you can charge.

Now, lets see some proof this works.

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But art? Really? Okay, skeptics, here are the numbers. Contemporary art prices:

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Whos Doing It

Indeed is one of the most used job boards around. In the last few months, 564 million people have visited their website.

RemoteOK is a job board for remote workers. Since March, theyve brought in over 1 million website visits. They charge $200 per job listing.

ProBlogger is a copywriting job board. In the last few months, theyve received over 454K website visits. They charge $100 per job listing.

Again, youre just getting started. Start at $50 per job, then as you get more traffic you can up your price.

Ready for the secret formula?

The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Sign up for your tools. Youll need to select the $23 plan in Webflow, and the $20 starter plan in Zapier. Then make a free account with Airtable and DataFetcher.

(Just so you know, we make $0 for showing you these tools. We just like them and wanted to share the love!)

Step #2 - Design your board. Luckily enough, Webflow already has a job board template. Click the job board template and add a lil spice.Make sure to include a form for companies to submit their job listings.

Step #3 - Add jobs. You cant charge for job listings until you have website visits. To get started, post your first few job listings for free.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new table in Airtable and connect it to your Data Fetcher account.Think of this as a string between your data and your job board. Data Fetcher will gather job listings for your job board and plug them into your table.

  2. Import your Airtable data into Webflow.

  3. Connect your table to Webflow with Zapier. This allows new job listings to automatically appear on your board.

Now you have a finished job board!

Step #4 - Find users. Since our job board is for copywriters our methods will target them. If you choose a different niche, make a few tweaks and apply them to your target audience.

  • Run ads on sites with copywriting courses. What better place to go than where new copywriters are?

  • Host free tutorials/webinars for copywriters.Again, people love free sh*t. This could be in a copywriting Facebook group, a YouTube channel, an Instagram Live, etc. At the end, pitch your free job board.

  • Post 5 TikToks every day.Freelancers are always hunting for new jobs. Post a few TikToks showing them how to find one for free. To get views, keep them hooked for the first 5 seconds and follow popular trends.

Step #5 - Monetize. After you get some traffic, its time to put all of your focus on monetizing. AKA charging companies to post on your board.

  • Reach out on social media. Reach out to as many online stores as you can and offer them 1 free listing. (Chances are they need copywriters). Once they see how easy it is to find employees, theyll come back for more.

  • Email marketing. Hire an email marketing agency to reach out to companies looking for new copywriters/ employees.

  • Run ads with Google. The nice thing about Google is they will find the sites business owners visit the most, then advertise there. All you do is set the spending limit.

And youre done!

FYI, this A.I startup was recommended by one of our readers

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