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Guys, I had a hard conversation today.

I had to let one of my best men go.

He was smart, honest, and knew his numbers

But a new guy applied for the job and I just couldnt say no.

Whos the new guy?

Artificial Intelligence.

A.I is a logic-based tech. So every decision is based on data and proof.

AKA everything you want in an investor.

This means:

  • No more investors FOMO. You know how it is When all of your friends are making it big with a new crypto coin, you cant help but join.

  • Fast trading times. As I said, A.I can analyze a lot of data super fast - leading to an unmatched trading speed.

  • All data-based. Emotional investing is a real thing. Imagine how rich you would be if all of your investments were 100% logic based.

  • Better predictions. A.I can understand massive amounts of data and find decade-long data trends that we cant. Meaning it can predict what a stock will do better than we can.

A.I is like your personal, speedy fast, mega-smart trader that wants to make you as rich as possible.


Not only can A.I help WITH investing, but many are investing in A.I companies.

In fact, the IDC (International Data Cooperation) predicts that the global A.I market will reach $900 BILLION by 2026.


So, lets talk about how you can invest in A.I - So you can ride the A.I wave instead of watching from the beach.

Also, this is NOT financial advice. We just want to show you a few A.I investing options we think are cool.

Todays Edition Is Brought to You By Vectara

It doesnt matter how much time you spend on your business.

If your customers have questions, they wont buy.

So the quicker you answer their questions, the more money you make

You could have a personal meeting with EVERY interested customer,

Or you could use Vectara.

Vectara is an LLM-powered GenAI conversational search platform that uses your data to answer customer questions - Chatbots, question answering, UGC product reviews地ll via dev-friendly APIs or UI.

Meaning, it uses context to understand what your customer is asking - Not keywords that bring up irrelevant links.

For instance, when they ask Is it big?, Vectara knows whether theyre asking about the size of something or its importance. And if your data is in English, and they ask in Spanish. No problem amigo!

Thats a BIG difference.

Think of it as the ChatGPT version of you talking to thousands of customers at once.

Vectara also works for you - Index data across all platforms like PDFs, docs, data, research, reviews, and social media comments to deliver the most relevant answers.

The more you use & understand your data, the faster you grow.

Try it out yourself for FREE and chat with your data here

Synthetic Mind A.I Fund - Our Top Picks For Betting On A.I

A.I has been the talk of the year with new updates coming out every day.

Trust me, it takes a full time just to keep up with all of them.

And since everyone is joining in on the A.I boom, there are lots of ways to invest in A.I...

But weve done our homework and landed on a few stocks that even Warren Buffet would be proud of (if he invested in A.I and was 65 years younger)

Heres our portfolio:

  • 30% Alphabet (GOOGL) - Recently, Google has been making some major A.I moves with their A.I chat Bard. Theyve also integrated A.I into most Google products like Docs, Slides, and Gmail.

  • 29% Microsoft (MFST) - Its safe to say that Microsoft is taking the lead in the A.I Arms Race after partnering with OpenAI. So far, theyve invested over $13 billion in A.I.

  • 24% Adobe (ADBE) - Adobe uses a lot of generative A.I in their new photo editing tools like Adobe Firefly and Photoshop. Theyve also announced A.I and machine learning updates in their products for marketing and data analytics.

  • 13% Nvidia (NVDA) - Nvidia makes A.I chips that power A.I software and tools. The faster A.I grows, the more chips we need. Think about it like gas - the more cars you make the more gas you use.

  • 4% Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (BOTZ) - This is an ETF that allows you to invest in many different A.I companies at once. This ETF includes companies that focus on A.I and robotics - both very promising industries.

For those of you who are seasoned investors, we found these numbers by adding up all 5 market caps and dividing by the individual company.

This is VERY similar to Warren Buffets own tried-and-true investing strategy.

Thats it for today folks! Before you go. Do you want more investing with A.I newsletters like this? Let us know your thoughts in the poll at the end!

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