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Todays A.I Money Maker: Business Plan Generator With No-Code

Setup Time: 1 Hour

Startup Cost: $139

First $ Made: 72 Hours

記pportunity Size: $72,927/ Year

The Opportunity 井

Heres something your parents never told you: Money is everywhere.

You just have to know where to look.

Use the founder of Waste Mangement Inc (Wayne Huizenga) for example

He found a way to turn city trash into a billion-dollar business.

One mans trash is another mans..fortune?

So if money is everywhere, why isn't everyone rich?

Simple - Most people havent found the perfect opportunity for them.

An opportunity that fits THEIR schedule, skill set, interest, etc.

Today, you can be the one that helps them (and make $ while doing it)


You will be creating a no-code site that generates business plans with A.I for $9.99 each.

If you dont have any coding skills, thats ok.

Were using no-code software. Meaning you dont need to know how to code to make your site.

All you do is drag and drop a few sections, throw on a little color, and bam.

Youve got a working site in an hour.

Heres how it will work:

Users will go to your site and plug in what they are looking for in a business.

Then your site will use ChatGPT to create a step-by-step business plan.

Once they receive their plan, they can ask questions about their plan that ChatGPT will answer for them.

So users receive:

  • Their perfect business idea

  • A step-by-step guide for getting started

  • Can ask as many questionsas they want

Its a steal.

Your goal is to generate 20 business plans a day.

Need I say more?

Lets see some stats.

Together With Healthcare A.I News

Did you hear about the AR headset surgeons are using??

Basically, theyre A.I-powered goggles that guide them through procedures.


There are lots of crazy A.I updates like this (and crazier) every week in healthcare.

Some of them impact every doctor visit and the future of your health.

Get access to weekly A.I updates in healthcare that keep you informed with this free link HERE

Whos Doing It

BoredHumans is an A.I business idea generator that received over 378K website visits in the last 3 months. There are two problems: The ideas are autogenerated (meaning they arent specific to the user) and they dont offer a starting guide.

Truic is another free A.I business idea generator with over 831K website visits since February. This generator only uses two factors when creating the business plan - Interest and skill level. Not very specific.

Bizway charges $49/ month for 5 business plans and up to 750 answers to questions. Thats about $10 per plan. This generator considers the users lifestyle, budget, interests, and skills.

By charging per plan (not monthly), making each plan specific to the user, including a detailed starting guide, AND unlimited questions.

Your generator will be the best on the market.

Convinced yet?


Lets make this happen.

The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Pick your site design in Softr. Sign up for the Professional plan for $139 in Softr. Then choose a site design you like. For now, start on the form page. This is where your generator will be!

Then sign up for these free tools: Airtable and Make. Youll need them later!

(BTW, we have no ties to these websites. We just like them and wanted to share the love!)

Step #2 - Set up your generator. Go to your form page and create a new form. Each slot will be a question for your users to answer. Their business plan depends on these answers.

Mine looks like this:

Each slot in the form is a data input for your ChatGPT prompt. In other words, your ChatGPT prompt will have blank spots that are filled by the users answers.

Create a business plan based on these factors: I can spend [hours] hours a week, in the past I [ relevant skills/experiences], and I am willing to invest [Max $ - Min $] into the business. Please factor in these strengths and weaknesses [strengths and weaknesses] and that I [other details]. Please create a business idea that fits this criteria. Include an overview of the business idea, a step-by-step guide for getting started, why its a good fit for me, any potential long-term weaknesses, and my target audience. 

Feel free to change the prompt or include different data inputs. As always, test it out before connecting it to your app.

Step #3 - Connect it all together. Now that your generator is set up and you have your ChatGPT prompt, you can connect them together. Heres how:

  1. Start a new table in Airtable. Create a column for each question in your generator.

  2. Use Make to connect your generator, Airtable, and OpenAI.

  3. Plug the ChatGPT prompt into Make. Click on OpenAI and paste your prompt into the ChatGPT module.

Step #4 - Find users. Now that everything is built, your #1 goal is to find people looking to start a business. Here are a few places to start:

  • Go to their info source. Find Podcasts, Youtubers, and Influencers that have an audience interested in starting a business. Ask them for a shoutout in exchange for 30% of the sales you make from their link.

  • Promote other business tools. Find tools whose audience is business owners. Then make them a deal: You promote them on your site for free if they do the same. Start with smaller tools, then the more traction you get the bigger you can go!

  • Post your ideas on social media. Post generated business ideas on every social media platform, but dont explain how to do them. Then offer a guide when they retweet, repost, etc. To get your first few followers, consider paying for shoutouts or ads!

For any extra help, Softr has tons of tutorial videos on their website and one-on-one customer support!

Thats it for today folks! Stay curious, and well see you on Wednesday.

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