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Todays A.I Money Maker: Sell ChatGPT Prompt Packages On Etsy

Setup Time: 3 Hours

Startup Cost: $0.20

First $ Made: 48 hours

記pportunity Size: $112/Day

The Opportunity 井

Something big has happened

OpenAI has released the ChatGPT iOS app. Now, over 10 MILLION people have access to ChatGPT.

But theres one problem.

Most users dont know how to prompt ChatGPT for the result they want.

Kinda like an awkward middle school boy trying to ask out the hottest girl in school.

He doesnt know what to say, so he wont get the answer he wants.

As word gets around that users are clueless when talking to ChatGPT, people will be scrambling to make money teaching them.

Right now, youre ahead of the game.

Meaning you need to start NOW.

Where should you start?

By selling ChatGPT prompt packages on Etsy for $12.50 each.

A ChatGPT prompt package is a list of prompts that users can copy and paste into ChatGPT to get a specific result.

For instance, our prompts will generate headline frameworks for copywriters.

Your list will have 3,000 ChatGPT prompts.

(No, that wasnt a typo. We meant 3,000)

Dont freak out - ChatGPT will create your prompts for you.

Heres how it will work:

New ChatGPT users will find your prompt package on Etsy.

There they will pay and have immediate access to the list.

Once they find the prompt they need, they will copy and paste it into ChatGPT.

No shipping fees. No delivery maintenance.

Once you build your package, thats it.

Theres no keep-up needed.

You need 9 buyers a day.

Heres the math:

Dont forget - Time is of the essence.

Lets check out the other players.

Whos Doing It

Most A.I Etsy stores sell ChatGPT or Midjourney prompt packages. Their prices range anywhere from $5 to $25. Here are a few examples:

On the lower end, this package costs $6.07 for 300 Bible Study prompts.

This store charges $17.38 for 100+ prompts that generate social media marketing strategies.

On the higher end, this store charges $20.99 for 12,000+ prompts that help users build and grow small businesses.

Your sale price depends on:

  • How many prompts are included. The more prompts you have, the higher your price.

  • How specific the outcome is. The more specific the problem your prompts solve, the more you can charge.

Simply put, the more valuable your package is the more people will pay for it.

Ready for the secret sauce?

The Gameplan

The How-To

Step #1 - Set up your Etsy Store. Its free to start a store but they charge a $0.20 listing fee. For your store, make sure to:

  • Have a professional profile picture and bio. The more professional you look, the more people will trust your products.

  • Choose a shop name thats easy to spell

  • Keep it simple. You dont want to overwhelm buyers. Have 2-3 colors max and a simple product description (dont forget to use ChatGPT for this).

Step #2 - Create your prompts. Its moments like these where ChatGPT makes life wayyyy easier. All you have to do is copy and paste the prompt below into ChatGPT and repeat until you have 3,000. Create a few categories of headlines for different types of content.

Ex - YouTube headlines, article headlines, email headlines, etc.

'Help me create an eBook that includes 3,000 ChatGPT prompts for (Type of headline here) headline generation. These prompts should be in a format that can be copied and pasted into ChatGPT to generate a list of 10 (Type of headline here) options. Instead of providing a list of headlines, please provide a list of prompts that can be directly used in ChatGPT. I would like a total of 30 prompts. Each prompt should be unique and complex. Whenever context information is required, please use [input here]'

Step #3 - Organize into a PDF. Organize your prompts by section and include a guide at the very beginning. I also recommend including instructions for those who are new to A.I

Once you have everything organized, you can list it on your Etsy store.

Step #4 - Find Buyers. Buyers will find your store one of three ways: Your storefront on Etsy, social media, and recommendations. Knowing this, here are the 3 fastest ways to get sales:

  • Post on TikTok. Not only is ChatGPT big on TikTok, but its also the easiest platform to go vial on for free. Post 5x a day with the most emphasis on your first 5 seconds. Make sure to include a link to your shop in your caption AND bio.

  • Run ads on Etsy. Most shoppers buy from stores listed on the first page - Make sure youre one of them.

  • Offer buyers an extra 150 prompts for recommending your store. Not only will buyers know other interested buyers, but personal recommendations are the best type of publicity. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to generate the prompts. Its a win-win.

Thats it!

Oh, and by the way, this A.I startup was recommended by one of our readers.

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